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"In 2000, Bush's campaign primarily stuck to a single nationwide theme at a time in its TV advertising. This year, it will pair the global ads with spots crafted for specific states, according to campaign advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity."LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Anderson and Gold Note that the familiar refrain: "Bush, with his ad, essentially resumed a line of attack first raised by Democratic rivals in the presidential race — they accused Kerry of trying to straddle pro- and antiwar views."LINK

Vice President Cheney traveled to Denver yesterday for the third time in five months to headline a fundraiser at Coors Field for GOP Rep. Bob Beauprez.

In his speech, Cheney continued his criticisms of Kerry, Noting: "We are the ones who get to determine the outcome of this election, not unnamed foreign leaders."LINK

Haven't had your fix of polls yet — wait, there's more:

The Wall Street Journal's Murray examines a new Zogby International poll in the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania which shows "Arab-Americans strongly disapprove of Mr. Bush. Only 28% favor his re-election, while 65% want someone new."

The Washington Times' Hallow looks at the president's support among Jewish-Americans and reporting, "Jewish leaders say President Bush's gains among heavily Democratic Jewish voters for his support of Israel and the Iraq war could be offset by policy initiatives influenced by evangelical Christians, who many Jews think are anti-Semitic despite their support of Israel"LINK

A Boston Globe editorial criticizes President Bush for his allegedly not-so-feminist policies and for marking International Women's Day with crediting intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq for helping women's lives. "But the speech actually obscured actions the Bush administration was taking almost simultaneously in Santiago, Chile, where it dropped its commitment to the health and survival of millions of poor women abroad." LINK

Not surprisingly, Mark Mellman delivers his analysis in The Hill of President Bush's alleged growing credibility gap. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Valued Note Reader Paul A. Burkett noticed something interesting about the volume and placement of ads in a key battleground state. It's worth sharing in full and will certainly have some campaign ad gurus checking with their ad buyers to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen.

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