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The only way to get The Note written on time every morning is to give exquisitely precise instructions every evening to the 500 Googling monkeys working the overnight shift.

Last night, before we left, we told the Googlers to watch out for:

1. How the President's jobs speech played in Ohio.

2. If John Kerry would be punished for his major league, big time potty mouth.

3. How the New York media would curtain-raise the President's combo 9/11 memoralizing-fundraising jaunt to The Island. (And whether he would get a surprise endorsement from some Empire State first responders . . .)

4. Whether anyone got a simple tick-tock of the cancellation of the announcement of the Commerce Secretary manufacturing czar -- and whether Anthony F. Raimondo will ever be nominated.

5. How happy/lappy is John Kerry's Capitol Hill victory lap going to be -- and which side's Hill echo chamber is most geared up for maximum echo?

6. What Sen. Kerry will do to finesse the gay marriage debate in his Bay State home state today.

But, most of all, we reminded them that this phase of the campaign is about defining John Kerry for the American people, which means, focus on.

7. The expected new Bush/Cheney 04 campaign ads, including what we expect to be the first contrast spot, containing the word "Kerry."

President Bush is in New York to speak on the economy, attend a 9/11 memorial and a Bush-Cheney campaign fundraiser.

Vice President Cheney attends a fundraiser tonight in Potomac, Md.

Sen. Kerry is in Washington, D.C. with meetings galore, including various caucuses and the sonofameeealworker.

Rep. Kucinich is in Washington, D.C.

Rev. Sharpton is in New York.

Ralph Nader is in Washington, D.C.

J-O-B-S and outsourcing:

We can't possibly do justice here to all that went on yesterday from mid-afternoon through early evening on the Commerce manufacturing job czar storyline.

Trust us: both campaigns, the Hill, the White House, and every political reporter worth her salt were all over it for several hours.

The Washington Post's Allen and Weisman report after the Kerry campaign was tipped off to Bush's nomination of Anthony F. Raimondo to become the manufacturing czar, the campaign passed to reporters news that Raimondo's company had opened a factory in China. LINK

The AP's Martin Crutsinger reports that the Bush Administration postponed the announcement of announcing the manufacturing czar nominee because of "scheduling conflicts," according to the Commerce Department. LINK

The trade deficit reached record levels on a day when Kerry and Bush attacked each other over outsourcing. Reports the New York Timesin its breathless lead, "The new data . . . was slightly worse than economists had expected and intensified the battle over trade and jobs playing out in the 2004 presidential campaign." LINK

The economy:

Retail sales climbed by .6 percent, a development the AP calls a "hopeful sign for healthy economic growth in the current quarter." And the AP says "new claims for unemployment benefits dropped last week by a seasonally adjusted 6,000 to 341,000, a six-week low, the Labor Department said." LINK

The Washington Post's Greg Schneider reports that small manufacturers asked Congress for relief from rising steel prices, "which several said threaten to drive them out of business." LINK

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