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TODAY SCHEDULE AS OF 9:00 am (all times ET):

—7:00 am: Gov. Howard Dean appears on NBC's "Today Show" —9:45 am: Gen. Clark tours a National D-Day Memorial with veterans, Bedford, Va. —10:00 am: Michigan caucus sites open. —10:00 am: Sen. John Kerry attends a rally with Davidson County Democrats at the Belmont College, Nashville, Tenn. —10:15 pm: Sen. Edwards speaks with voters at the University of Memphis, Memphis, Tenn. —12:30 pm: Sen. Edwards receives the endorsement of UNITE from President Bruce Raynor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. —1:00 pm: Washington caucus sites open —1:30 pm: Sen. Edwards meets voters at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. —1:35 pm: Vice President Cheney attends a lunch event with House Speaker Dennis Hastert at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center, Rosemont, Ill. —3:00 pm: Washington caucus sites close —4:00 pm: Michigan caucus poll sites close —4:00 pm: Gen. Clark greets supporters at Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Va. —5:30 pm: Sen. Kerry attends a rally with Richmond Democrats at the Marriot Hotel, Richmond, Va. —6:00 pm: Washington caucus poll final results begin to come in —7:00 pm: Sens. Kerry and Edwards, Gen. Clark, and Rev. Al Sharpton speak at the Virginia Jefferson Jackson Dinner, Richmond, Va. —7:35 pm: Vice President Cheney speaks at the Missouri Republican Party Lincoln Day banquet at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. —8:00 pm: Michigan caucus final results expected —9:00 pm: Rep. Kucinich attends a fundraising reception at his campaign offices, San Francisco, Calif. —9:00 pm: Washington caucus final poll expected

Sens. Kerry and Edwards, Gen. Clark, and Rev. Al Sharpton speak at tonight's Virginia Jefferson Jackson Dinner. Live head-on and cuts baby pool coverage. ABC unilateral crew there as well.

Senator Kerry is in Tennessee and Virginia today. His 10:00a event and his 5:00p event will both be fed live.

Senator Edwards is in Wisconsin and Virginia today. His 10:00a event will be fed after his 1:30p event, which will be fed live. His 6:30p event will be covered to tape.

Gov. Dean is in down in Vermont today.

Gen. Clark is Virginia all day, covered on DV before the Jefferson Jackson dinner.

Rep. Kucinich is in Michigan and California today.

Rev. Sharpton is in Detroit before attending the Jefferson Jackson dinner.

Politics today:

It might be election day for Democrats in Michigan and Washington state, but for Republicans, it's almost time to see if the president can become the first politician in recent memory to increase the chances of getting elected president by appearing for an hour with Tim Russert.

On the very day of a massive cable run into the Oval, the New York Times publishes an interview conducted with First Lady Laura Bush (who has been on quite a media binge). LINK

The interviewer, Elisabeth Bumiller (who combines the eye of Maureen Dowd with the sting of Elizabeth Kolbert), gets lots of good stuff, but here is the part that Bushologists, trying to get a sense of what is REALLY happening at 1600, will seize on:

"In a nearly hourlong interview with The New York Times on Thursday, Mrs. Bush … .characterized Karl Rove, her husband's chief political adviser, as not as powerful as 'the chattering class' believes."

"'I would say his role is definitely overstated, but he probably loves it,' she said, smiling. 'He's very happy to have his role overstated.'"

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