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The Kansas City has a Show-Me state Must Read chock full of interesting info. The piece reports on the local Kerry/Edwards ad blitz and the conspicuous absence of Howard Dean spots. And Notes the Dean quote, "Do we have to win Feb. 3? Of course we want to, but we don't have to." Dean's state campaign chairman Dick King now says, "realistically, I'll be pleased if we come in second or third." Lots more here, too, including more from King. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Kerry and Edwards are dividing what was Gephardt's base. LINK

The Sedalia Democrat on the upcoming primary's details and its $3.7 cost to the taxpayers. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the media caravan rolling into Show-Me territory. Note the ABC bus in the spotlight! LINK


The Washington Post's Lois Romano reports from Tulsa that that "In the next few days, this state will see more presidential action than it has in decades." LINK

A new poll shows Kerry got a huge bounce in Arizona from his Iowa and New Hampshire victories, the Oklahoman's Randy Ellis writes. He and Clark are the top favorites in the survey, along with "undecided," which more than a third of respondents used to classify themselves. LINK

South Carolina:

The State writes up last night's debate and how Sens. Edwards and Kerry spoke directly to South Carolina voters. Kerry talking of how he can relate to voters in the Palmetto State, and Edwards reminding people that he is one of them. LINK

The Charleston Post and Courier highlights the Kerry/Dean spar over healthcare, but gives Edwards the gold star for the night because he "delivered the most memorable quip of the night when he blamed Bush for spending too much time on terrorism while ignoring other pressing needs of the country." LINK

The State rates the debate performances last night in terms of who came closest to hitting their own mark. LINK

The State's Lee Bandy writes that the first-in-the-south primary lost much significance to Missouri last week when Rep. Dick Gephardt dropped out of the race. LINK

The candidates descended upon the Palmetto State yesterday, and the Charleston Post and Courier overviews the visits. LINK


Hadassah combines her retail poltics with a little shopping in Dover, reports Patrick Jackson at the Dover News Journal. New Mexico:

The Albuquerque Journal's Coleman writes up the importance of the Hispanic vote in Tuesday's caucuses and Gov. Richardson is already boasting about participation. LINK

"Richardson said 23,599 New Mexicans already have voted by absentee ballot, or nearly 79 percent of all people who asked for and received absentee ballots."

"Otero Mesa" shouldn't be that hard to pronounce properly. LINK

Teresa today, Teddy tomorrow reports the Santa Fe New Mexican. LINK

New Hampshire:

Terry McAuliffe's comments about the need for New Hampshire to become a blue state in 2004 in order to keep its first-in-the-nation primary were not that well received by Secretary of State Bill Gardner. LINK

Politics of national security:

The Washington Post's Dana Priest and Walter Pincus report that members of the congressional intelligence committees have found similar prewar intelligence failures as David Kay has pointed out and now believe that the CIA may have failed to consider that Saddam Hussein no longer had WMD. LINK

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