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John Kerry buyer's remorse section:

A new Note section, devoted to the inevitable.

Had Howard Dean been the Democratic nominee (and, hey, he still might be!), the individuals who would have been leading the "we told you so" charge when he hit some inevitable spring and summer rough spots are pretty apparent.

(Joe Lockhart, John Breaux, Al From, etc.)

And the issues and areas that would have induced buyer's remorse among many of those who had supported Dean would have been pretty clear as well -- helped along by the RNC and tens of millions in BC04 advertising.

(Misstatements on foreign policy, the Vermont Miracle, ski days., etc.)

Now there is the POSSIBILITY that John Kerry might be the nominee, and the temporal gap between his becoming the frontrunner and the nominee might be so brief that the situation seems incredibly open to buyer's remorse down the road a short piece.

Sure, the Globe has scrutinized the bejesus out of the man, but (and don't be mad at us, John Farrell) not everyone in America reads the Globe.

So, until John Kerry is the nominee or is driven from the race, we will have a daily feature called "John Kerry buyer's remorse section:"

Those most entitled to say "we told you so," if Kerry is the nominee and the White House effectively takes him out before the convention by inducing wide-spread buyer's remorse and driving up his negatives:

1. Chris Lehane 2. DSCC staff from the '88 cycle 3. Massachusetts state legislators 4. Howard Dean and 500,000 hackey sack champions 5. Mark Leibovich 6. The Des Moines Register 7. the Bush adviser who told Adam Nagourney that Kerry "looks French" 8. Glen Johnson 9. the guys at the Herald

Those issues and areas that will most likely induce buyer's remorse:

1. stories about not remembering the names and faces of the little people 2. complex personal finances 3. alleged "Keating Five" type stuff (the helping of donors with their executive branch agency needs) 4. pictures with The Duke 5. the legislative "record" 6. voting against the first Gulf War and the $87 billion 7. the leaking of the 2000 Gore veep vetting file 8. votes and quotes galore 9. "Look -- I led the fight ..." not as catchy as "Ask not what your country can do for you ..." And giving the long speech is not the same as leading the fight. 10. re-reading of the Leibovich profile 11. Verbal tic A: "And I say to you..." 12. Verbal tic B: " the modern history of this country" 13. Verbal tic C: "Never in all my time in public lifeā€¦" 14. those quotes in the Globe about secret pre-war dealings at the U.N.

For those Kerry supporters who object to this section, we say: if you can't stand the heat of The Heat, how can Democrats expect you to stare down Rove and Gorbachev?


Not that Bob Novak isn't always a pessimist, but if you listen to him lately, you'll know he fears for the White House and their strategy against John Kerry and isn't terribly sure that President Bush can beat him. He expands on these concerns in his latest column. LINK

"Most worrisome to Republicans is Kerry's war hero image while, in the words of one prominent Bush supporter, 'our guy was drinking beer in Alabama' (where actually he was working on a losing Senate Republican campaign in 1972). Republicans are trying to negate Kerry's heroism with his postwar peace activism, but that approach is not working."

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