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The only artifact apparently not welcome at the Senator's Fargo rally was a replica of President George H.W. Bush's World War II Avenger. The vintage plane, dubbed the Barbara II, was moved out of the hanger where Kerry held his event, although five less political planes remained.

In a post-event availability, Kerry responded to the news of day, pushing back a Newsweek report on his connections to Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung. Kerry stood before the "Plane Jane" and stated blankly of the charge, "This is old news. It's been fully vetted. It was investigated and the moment we learned anything about that contribution, we returned the entire contribution. It's one of the reasons why I have been such an advocate of campaign finance reform."

The Kerry campaign continues to advertise in all Feb. 3 states, rotating veterans-centered ads in North Dakota and South Carolina and Spanish language ads in Arizona and New Mexico.

On Monday in New Mexico, Kerry will receive the endorsement of New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer. Over the weekend, Kerry picked up the endorsements of Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Rep. Sander Levin, and Washington Gov. Gary Locke.

Read more from the trail with Kerry on LINK


The Washington Post's Harris and Finer write up Dean's appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday in which he "combined humility over the strategic errors that have hobbled his formerly front-running campaign with new blasts at Sen. John F. Kerry." LINK

The Boston Globe's Glen Johnson writes that Dean's new plan to "outlast" rather than "steamroll" his rivals "not only contradicts his earlier one, but it also defies conventional political wisdom and marks another attempt by his unconventional campaign to plow a new course to the presidency." LINK

The Boston Globe's Sarah Schweitzer reports from Seattle that the fervor over Dean's campaign has definitely diminished as some Washington voters thinks he's a bit too "gung-ho." LINK

Steven Thomma with Knight Ridder reports that Howard Dean will continue to fight even though he expects to lose badly on Tuesday. LINK

The New York Post's Vince Morris looks at just how Howard Dean's campaign spent $41 million, "betting the store on a gamble he lost." LINK

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK


The New York Times' Nagourney and Archibold produce a wise and tough look at John Edwards' campaign style. "As he campaigns across the nation, drawing a portrait of an Edwards presidency, his has become a candidacy of broad brush strokes and biography, drawing attention more for his distinctive style than for substance." LINK

We urge you to go back and read the exchange between the Senator, his wife, and a reporter about Edwards' legislative accomplishments in the Senate.

Seneca, S.C.: known for the Playboy model AND Sen. John Edwards. A town in the spotlight. LINK

The Washington Post's Dale Russakoff writes that while Sen. Edwards' success has surprised the pundits, "it was no surprise to hundreds of doctors, trucking company officials and manufacturers who had faced him in court." LINK

The Boston Globe's Raja Mishra follows Edwards through a Sunday of South Carolina services, smiles, and football. LINK

Rob Christensen at the Raleigh News & Observer sees Johnny Edwards going back to Seneca today. LINK

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