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4. Yesterday, we referred to Edwards' New Hampshire staffer Mike Palamuso as, simply, "Mike Palamuso." That description was incomplete, as anyone who is anyone in Granite State politics knows. We should have refered to him as "Mike Palamuso, one half of the Note Twins."

With the corrections and clarifications taken care of, here's the rest of your day.

President Bush signs forest- and nanotechnology-related acts in Washington today.

Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. Dick Gephardt and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun have no public events today.

Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie speaks to Republican groups throughout New Hampshire today.

Gen. Clark campaigns in New Hampshire and meets with supporters in Maine.

Senator Kerry speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations and attends fundraisers in New York City.

Senator Edwards campaigns in Iowa today.

Senator Lieberman speaks about balancing work and family throughout New Hampshire today.

Rep. Kucinich campaigns in Houston today.

Rev. Al Sharpton is in New York rehearsing for Saturday Night Live.

The Dust-up in Durham:

Perhaps we forgot to mention: on Dec. 9 at 7 pm ET, ABC News and WMUR will host a debate in Durham, N.H., on the campus of the University of New Hampshire, with all nine Democratic presidential candidates.

For those politicos and reporters who have been more Iowa focused lately and plan to head to New Hampshire for this Tuesday's debate, The Note has a little secret for you:

It's become cold in the Granite State.

In the grand Note tradition of obtaining secret memos, here is one more helpful than scandalous, that went just this morning from the New Hampshire staff of a leading Democratic presidential campaign to the national headquarters:


to: those who have not spent a winter in the North from: those from the Arctic subject: dressing for NH winter date: 12/3/2003


Wear layers!

LAYER #1: Long Johns: Contrary to popular belief, New Hampshire is NOT really the Arctic so we are going to skip the high-wicking briefs and go straight for these. Note on the Long Johns: stay far, far away from cotton. Concentrate on Long Johns made from polyester, which are sold under a variety of trade names such as Capaline, Thermax, MicroClimate, REI's "M.T.S." fabric, CoolMax, ThermaStat and others. They make tops and bottoms … don't forget to buy both.

LAYER #2: Fleece or Wool: Fleece is the really soft stuff, wool is the heavy, sometimes scratchy material, but it's still an excellent insulating fabric and worthy of consideration as dependable outerwear.

LAYER #3: Windproof and waterproof! Gore-tex is still considered by many to be the best.

SUPPLEMENTAL LAYERS: Consider more polyester fleece, a sweatshirt or something of that nature.

GLOVES/MITTENS: Again, gonna have to go with polyester fleece. Mittens are always warmer, although gloves tend to make life simpler (none of that having to bite them off with your teeth stuff).

BOOTS & SOCKS: Waterproof boots with traction that go past your ankles. Polyester socks, similar to your Long Johns will do the trick. Wool socks are also suitable for NH winters, but tend to be rather thick and limit circulation to your toes. Buy your boots with your socks in mind or vise versa.

HEAD GEAR: (campaign) hats of course.

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