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ABC News Vote 2003: On to Louisiana:

For those checking in late, the AP offers an overview of the Louisiana Governor's race. LINK

The New Orleans Times-Picayune's Robert Travis Scott reports on the final debate between Jindal and Blanco and what to expect in the final two days before the election. LINK

Roll Call 's Chris Cillizza writes that Bobby Jindal is "getting a major assist from members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation."

California redux:

Gregg Jones and Dan Morain of the Los Angeles Times report an emotional Gray Davis returned to the Capitol for the second time since the October 7 recall election and announced a slue of appointments which will likely not be sustained in a Schwarzenegger administration. LINK

Governor-elect Schwarzenegger's schedule may have said he was holding "private transition meetings and discussions with members of his transition team," but the New York Daily News reports he was vacationing in Hawaii with his family last week. LINK

The low-key inaugural will include a 10-minute address delivered by Governor Schwarzenegger according to the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

Playing judicial politics: The Washington Post 's Helen DeWar reports on the Senate's 30 hours of fun. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson sees the cot rolling and talk-a-thon-ing as a preview of what's to come when a Supreme Court vacancy occurs. LINK

Al Hunt turns in a must-read look at the politics behind Senate Republicans' gabfest, calling the whole spectacle a sham, and that an actual debate on judges and judicial philosophy would be welcome.

"Conservatives have a case on these issues, but many Americans will disagree. So it's easier to demagogue. As the Senate wakes up this morning from this charade, the clearest division, as maverick Republican John McCain said a few days ago, will be between the snorers and non-snorers."

The 30-hour marathon continues, and the AP's Jesse Holland was there to offer some color. LINK

Democrats are pointing to a GOP memo as evidence the long session was just a stunt for FOX News, according to The Hill. LINK

"Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) poured Minority Whip Harry Reid a glass of water" in the first show of anything resembling bi-partisanship, writes The Hill's Klaus Marre. LINK

Roll Call writes that both Democrats and Republicans are seeking "to milk every ounce of political advantage from the history-making event."

Bush is considering appointing judges while the Senate is in recess to break the Democratic filibuster, according to The Hill's Alexander Bolton. LINK


Watch out George Soros, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Stephen Koff profiles "Peter B. Lewis, the Cleveland-based insurance billionaire and philanthropist" who "has pledged more than $12 million to try to oust President Bush from the White House." LINK

HUD Secretary Mel Martinez may vie for Senator Graham's seat. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel reports on Martinez's possible bid. LINK

The Tampa Tribune has another take on Martinez. LINK

In the face of a slumping textile industry in North Carolina, Senate candidate Erskine Bowles urged the Bush Administration to impose sanctions on competitor China, according to the News and Observer. LINK

Senator Hatch joined Senator Kennedy to propose new hate-crime legislation that could give the government new, expanded powers in the matter, reports the Washington Times ' Charles Hurt. LINK

USA Today 's Cathy Lynn Grossman reports, "The nation's Roman Catholic leaders jumped into the intense public debate on gay marriage Wednesday, overwhelmingly approving a document that condemns same-sex unions." LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The AP's Stephanie Hoo reports, "A small clothing manufacturer in eastern China says it hopes to sign the former U.S. president to represent its brand, citing his 'worldwide charisma.'" LINK

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