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Howard Dean: more inevitability-flavored money/union/momentum stories.

John Kerry: took his New Hampshire one-day story "campaign in disarray" lumps (getting his two first-in-the-nation batterings out of the way).

Dick Gephardt: splashy New York Times front-page profile treatment, and Dave Neal and Tom Beaumont agree — it's Dick Gephardt's fight for the nomination, too.

Mel Martinez: if you count electoral votes for BC04, the HUD Secretary must sure prospectively look a heck of a lot better sharing the top of the Sunshine State ticket than, say, Katherine Harris.

Watch for an 11:00 am ET gathering to announce the left side of the spectrum's answer to GOPAC in "PROPAC," an initiative from the Progressive Majority to "run the next generation of progressive elected leaders." Expected on hand for today's initiative kick-off: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Progressive Majority Executive Director Gloria Totten, and Progressive Majority Bob Borosage.

Says one of the event's organizers, "the message is a little more hard-edged, economic base than the traditional Democratic" one.

President Bush attends a pair of Florida fundraisers today. He'll also make remarks on Medicare in between. He's right around, or over, $100 million and closing in (or over, depending on how one counts checks) his 2000 number for the all-time record.

Governor Dean, Senator Kerry, and General Clark all campaign in New Hampshire.

Congressman Kucinich campaigns in Iowa today.

Reverend Sharpton campaigns in New York City.

Congressman Gephardt, Senator Edwards, Senator Lieberman, and Ambassador Moseley Braun all have no public events announced for today.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

New York Times ' Maureen Dowd looks at the "Bizarro world" of Vice President Cheney and how just the sound of his voice "has the same effect on some male Republicans, starting at the very top, and even some journalists, that a high-pitched whistle has on a dog." LINK

Tonight, Nightline's Ted Koppel looks at the power and influence of Vice President Cheney in a half-hour broadcast on the man that U.S. News & World Report recently dubbed "The Man Behind the Curtain."

Koppel talked with columnist Robert Novak, former NSC officials Richard Clarke and Ivo Daalder, historian Douglas Brinkley, former CIA official Vince Cannistraro and the Heritage Foundation's John Hulsman to get a full picture on who Cheney is, how he ended up on the ticket in 2000 and the role he played on 9/11 and in the war in Iraq.

A sneak peak at what you'll hear tonight (and we promise you will not be disappointed):

Robert Novak: "I would say he is the second-most influential and powerful figure in the administration."

John Hulsman: "He's the guy who is the CEO of George Bush's corporation."

Douglas Brinkley: "He is the ultimate adviser you want, because he has no agenda for his future."

More Hulsman: "I think that Dick Cheney is probably the biggest story that isn't talked about out in the wider country as a whole. I think his power is unparalleled in the history of the republic, frankly, for that position."

Nightline airs at 11:35 pm ET — check your local listings.

AP's Theimer reports that the Bush-Cheney campaign will be right around the $100 million mark after two fundraising events today in Florida that are expected to bring in about $1.5 million. LINK

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