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"The sharp contrast between the Republican and Democratic emphasis on savings plans likely foreshadows the parties' election-year divide on economic issues. In addition to their stance on where to direct economic benefits, Democrats also are much more likely to blame American businesses for economic troubles, and to propose new regulations. And they are likely to attack President Bush's broad-based tax incentives, aimed at boosting the economy, as irresponsibly adding to the growing federal deficit and hurting the economy in the long term."

ABC News Vote 2003: the aftermath of Kentucky, Mississippi, et al.: The Washington Post 's Ed Walsh reports on the GOP cheering since Tuesday. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Anne Kornblut has the happy elephants as well. LINK

USA Today 's ed board writes, "Tuesday's Republican victories mask a larger message, a warning to incumbent officeholders of both parties." LINK

USA Today also gives bullet points on party-switching results of recent gubernatorial elections. LINK

In case you were wondering, the Washington Post 's Judy Sarasohn reports that Barbour Griffith & Rogers will go on without the one who's about to be a governor. LINK

Tuesday's elections put Democrats even farther from their goal of winning a majority of the governorships, writes the Washington Times ' Stephen Dinan. LINK

As Democrats rally around the DNC, many blame the DGA for losses in the South. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Brian MacQuarrie writes that Maine's "schizophrenic vote this week on commercial gambling offers a mixed message to Massachusetts lawmakers debating casinos and slot machines." LINK

ABC News Vote 2003: on to Louisiana: Polls by the University of New Orleans and Loyola University show Jindal and Blanco in a statistical dead heat heading into the November 15 Louisiana gubernatorial runoff. LINK

The politics of national security: Reuters reports the president today " will call for democracy across the Middle East today and cite a failure of U.S. policy spanning 60 years in support of governments not devoted to political freedom" in his "latest attempt to offer a justification for the war in Iraq as necessary to jump-start democracy in the region at a time of mounting U.S. casualties there." LINK

And as the next round of Pentagon call-ups grabs the media spotlight, LINK, the New York Times reports on a last-ditch, eve-of-battle Iraqi effort to avoid war. Check out the last lines of the piece — we know Democrats will. LINK

More on the call-up of the 43,000 Reserve and National Guard troops from the New York Times , which nicely Notes all the numbers: "The plan would draw down total American forces in Iraq to about 105,000 troops from 130,000 in the midst of next year's presidential election campaign."

The Los Angeles Times writes, "U.S. military planners had hoped to replace U.S. troops with foreign forces, but few nations have offered substantial numbers of soldiers … As a result, a thinly stretched U.S. Army has made yearlong deployments to Iraq standard." LINK

Administration favorite Senator John McCain invoked the memory of Vietnam and said Wednesday before lots of elites and lots of cameras, "'The simple truth is that we do not have sufficient forces in Iraq to meet our military objectives.'' LINK

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