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"I respectfully request that Showtime allow a panel of historians and people who know the Reagans to review the program for accuracy before it airs," Gillespie writes.

Stay tuned, folks …

If the "The Reagans" weren't filled with damn lies, CBS wouldn't have pulled it, the Wall Street Journal editorial board asserts.

ABC News Vote 2003: Kentucky, Mississippi, and Philadelphia, and more:

Get out the broom! "Sweep" (or some variation thereof) may be the most used word of the day, but the results were mixed enough for joint bragging rights, but, we'll say again, if the president's party had lost, all heck would have broken loose in the Establishment media — even Carl Cameron would have Noted it.

Mark Z. Barabak of the Los Angeles Times cautions about drawing too many conclusions from Tuesday's gubernatorial contests in Kentucky and Mississippi. LINK

"For all the interest in possible national trends, Tuesday's results were expected to have little practical effect on the presidential contests in either Kentucky or Mississippi."

The Wall Street Journal 's Jake Schlesinger looks at last night's election results and Notes that if the South will rise again for Democrats, it probably won't be this cycle.

The New York Times ' Janofsky, writing on the GOP Southern state gubernatorial wins, reminds us that Haley Barbour "will be just the second Republican governor of Mississippi since Reconstruction." LINK

Barbour emerged victorious from a campaign marked by both record spending and record turnout, the AP reports. LINK

The Washington Post 's Edward Walsh recaps the winners and losers of the day. LINK

USA Today 's Jim Drinkard Notes, "Control of the governorships is important for next year's presidential and congressional elections. Governors can help organize their party's grass-roots efforts and raise money. GOP governors were essential to Bush's success in 2000." LINK

For the first time in 32 years, a Republican will be governor of Kentucky after Ernie Fletcher's victory last night.LINK

The New York Times ' Clemetson Notes Philadelphia's Mayor Street deftly turned his FBI investigation to his advantage "by suggesting that the investigation was engineered by the Republican Party in an effort to discredit a black Democrat." LINK

The New York Post 's David Seifman kicks off his 2005 mayoral race coverage with Mayor Bloomberg's "resounding defeat" in his effort to abolish party primaries in New York City. LINK

San Franciscans will head back to the polls on December 9 to choose between two 30-somethings. Democrat Gavin Newsom and Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez will face each other in next month's runoff. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Brian MacQuarrie reports that the prospects for Maine Vegas were shot down in a "lopsided defeat last night." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Democratic debate: Rockin' the house:

In a rollicking, free form debate in Boston tonight, there were plenty of fun/funny moments and one 9-minute stretch that comprised one of Howard Dean's worst moments of the campaign.

Whether it has an effect on his candidacy remains to be seen.

For 10 minutes, the topic, generated by an audience question, was Dean's recent high-profile repetition of his oft-repeated stump notion that he wants to appeal to Southerners with Confederate flags on the pickups.

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