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ABC News' Ramona Schindelheim reports that this week's economic numbers are likely to make some waves — if not quite as many as last week's. First up: this morning's report on October car sales, which, while propped up by incentives (sound familiar?) are expected to show a slow-down from earlier months. Right after that come the manufacturing numbers, expected to show modest growth and continued small inventories. Spending on home and business construction is also flattening. More to come this week: Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan testifies, and productivity and unemployment numbers. LINK

Good numbers on the economy force Dems to return to their playbook and "recalibrate" their message. Perhaps this isn't 1992 after all? LINK

California's new governor: The Los Angeles Times' Shawn Hubler wonders how long Arnold-mania will last. LINK

"The paparazzi's prediction? A spike in attention around the swearing in, followed by a two-month decline in buzz. And then, hail to the has-been, at least in the giddy realm of celebrity gossip. 'Listen,' Ramey said, 'it's not as if he's Justin Timberlake or Cameron Diaz.'"

Knight Ridder's Andrew LaMar looks at some things that Gray Davis might be remembered for — some day. LINK

Politics: On Monday, Florida Senator Bob Graham will hold a media availability to announce whether he's going to seek a fourth term in the Senate. Graham told the Associated Press: "It's, for all intents and purposes, a rest-of-your-life decision." LINK

USA Today 's Mary Beth Marklein reports that some conservative college students are fighting against what they see as liberal institutions trying to keep them quiet LINK; and presidential candidates should take Notice of these reports spread throughout the country. LINK

Conservative positions on guns and abortion are creeping into the Democratic Party, writes Donald Lambro in the Washington Times . LINK

K Street: Roxanne Roberts makes it clear that Anne Schroeder isn't the only one with a Stylish eye on that Clooney fella. LINK

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