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ABC News Vote 2004: The Invisible Primary: USA Today 's Susan Page and Jill Lawrence have a large look at the battle for the middle, Noting that "Presidential elections aren't always so unsettled. The last president to run for re-election, Bill Clinton, was making a comeback by the end of 1995, boosted by an improving economy. A year later, he won. When the first President Bush started campaigning for a second term in the fall of 1991, voters were vocal about their unhappiness with what they saw as his inattention to their economic problems. A year later, he lost." LINK

Page and Lawrence also explain the model for their analysis. LINK

Washington State has canceled its primary, with Gov. Gary Locke "saying the state shouldn't waste money on an election that has no real meaning," reports the AP.LINK

Dean and Gephardt are tied at 26 percent in Iowa, according to a poll or 400 likely caucus voters released by KCCI-TV Thursday. Undecided was in second place at 18 percent. LINK

Lieberman picked up endorsements from several former McCain chairmen in New Hampshire this week, while Kerry received an endorsement from a former Bush supporter, reports John DiStaso of the Union Leader. LINK

The Los Angeles Times reports on the Democratic candidates' return to the Post -recall Golden State for a little gold digging. LINK

It's Week 2 of National Journal's Democratic Insiders Poll — handicapping by political professionals at its best.

Dean: Brownstein and Martin of the Los Angeles Times write-up Dean's potential SEIU endorsement and declare if it comes to be, it will "deal a blow" to Gephardt. LINK

John DiStaso looks at the SEIU courtship too, with a great in-state angle. LINK

The AP reports that the SEIU will endorse "Dean or no one." LINK

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

Another day, another state, another health care event hosted by an SEIU local.

SEIU's Washington state council has 60,000 members, making it the largest AFL-CIO union in the state. They've hosted a conference call with Senator John Edwards before — yesterday, it was a health care forum with Dean.

In Iowa on Monday, Dean will offer his plan to strengthen the nursing profession — something the campaign wanted to schedule before SEIU decides whether to endorse them on November 6.

He is expected to call for, among other things, better workplace standards, a look at national staffing ratios, incentives for nurse recruitment and training and more equitable Medicare reimbursement.

Dean also stopped at a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser at a tony athletic club with munchies and confections galore — and his first real bonafide heckler, according to Dean's longtime aide, Kate O'Connor.

About 10 minutes into the health care forum, a young man stood up at the edge of the crowd.

"Why do you support HMOs … why do you take … money from George Soros?" he yelled … Audience members began to try and shush him, but the man persisted … After about 15 seconds, a Dean staffer began to pull the man out of the room. The man shouted the same questions and then muttered, "This country is bankrupt."

He was escorted from the room under the watchful gaze of two burly members of the Painter's union. He was briefly questioned by Seattle police and left the site.

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