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"Congressman Kucinich spoke to a group of about 20 SEIU members in Concord, New Hampshire Monday, many of the attendees were highly receptive to his ideas but wary of his electability. He seemed relaxed and on-message in the intimate setting, and made a rare departure from his usual insistence that he will be the nominee by admitting the campaign was about keeping issues on the table: 'If I don't get the nomination [but I had a strong showing in New Hampshire], New Hampshire will have sent a message.'"

"Kucinich was asked if he had the choice to debate any of the other candidates, who would it be. Without blinking an eye, and perhaps indicative of the recent tension between the two, he replied, 'Howard Dean. I'd like to debate him about the war, I'd like to debate him about health care, I'd like to debate him about the economy, I'd like to debate him about trade.'"

"Kucinich also picked up the New Hampshire Green Party endorsement Monday in Concord. The Greens aren't considered an 'official' party in the state and are small in number. However it's fairly easy for them to vote in the primary as Democrats; if they're independents they only have to declare they're Democrats on the way in, and undeclare on the way out."

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is commending Kucinich (and Kerry) for discussing violence in Sunday's debate: LINK

The Plain Dealer has an anecdote about Kucinich laughing off the New York Times mistakenly saying he's from Indiana: LINK


From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"Although Reverend Sharpton says he's not surprised by the Jackson endorsement of Dean, the look on his face didn't reflect pleasure and this endorsement threatens to take some of the black vote from Sharpton."

"Sharpton's former campaign manager Frank Watkins is on Jesse Jackson Jr.'s staff. And the backbone of Sharpton's platform includes three constitutional amendments that came from a book written by Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Watkins. Sharpton says the endorsement will not affect his campaign at all. '[Jesse] endorsed Andrew Cuomo in New York and Andrew Cuomo had to pull out of the race.'"

"After Sharpton's turn at Harvard University's 'Conversation with the Candidates' series, Sharpton held his own on Chris Matthews' 'Battle for the White House,' although his message was less clear and inspirational when he was challenged directly on his ideas. The humor highlight of the evening came during a commercial break when Matthews asked Sharpton if he has someone giving him his one-liners through an ear piece. Sharpton replied, 'He that speaketh to me doesn't need an ear piece.'"

The AP wraps Sharpton's Harvard visit … LINK

But the Harvard Crimon's wrap is much more fun. LINK

The New Yorker takes a glimpse inside the Sharpton White House. LINK


The Des Moines Register 's David Yepsen chimes in on the apocalyptic implications for Iowa if Lieberman or Clark win the nomination. LINK

It's highly informative, and Yepsen promises at the end, "We'll continue this discussion on Thursday."

National Journal's Wake-Up Call! reported this morning that their sources told them Clark and Lieberman will not attend the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on November 15.

ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton reports that Communications Director Matt Bennett confirms that Clark will not attend. Bennett would not offer any other information.

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