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The Los Angeles Times' Gold, Halper, and Vogel write the joint appearance between the Governor and the Governor-elect was somewhat awkward. The trio also writes up the dire budget news Schwarzenegger received in a briefing by Phil Angelides. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Martin asks if Governor Schwarzenegger will take the sexual harassment prevention training class required for state employees and members of the legislature. LINK

Gray Davis has been busy appointing many of his aides to "lucrative slots on state boards and commissions." LINK

All the California papers seem to be reporting that the Schwarzenegger inauguration will take place on November 17. Note to California constitutional experts: If the election results are certified (and thereby Gray Davis no longer officially serving as Governor) on Saturday November 15, who will be Governor between certification and inauguration?

Politics: The Republican Party may be a big tent and all, but it's apparently not a big enough tent to house big city mayors who urge wealthy contributors to withhold donations from some Congressional Republicans. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes reports speculation over whether former Vice President Gore will endorse one of the Gang of Nine for the Democratic presidential nomination. Dean, Calmes reports, is least likely to get Gore's support.

Congress increases its paycheck for the fifth consecutive time. LINK

Conservative Barbie?: The Washington Post checks out the new Ann Coulter doll, which comes complete with blonde hair, mini-skirt and 14 Coulter-esqe quips. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua: The Associated Press reports on former President Clinton's Thursday press conference to announce the AIDS drugs agreement brokered by his foundation. LINK

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