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The RNC wouldn't share so much, but Theimer does get Frank Farehnkopf to talk about his info-gathering efforts way back when. LINK

James Bennet's return to Washington to cover the capital for the New Yorker deserves its own entire section of The Note, but we don't have the perspective (still shocked as we are by the Robin-Wright-to-the-Washington-Post news that Tim blabbed about yesterday) to perform on that today. LINK

But this is B-I-G for everyone in politics and political journalism.

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

No Democrats go on the record with Deborah Orin, but they "are grumping" nonetheless about Hillary Clinton's upcoming role as emcee at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner. LINK

The Bushes of Kennebunkport:

The new memoir by former First Lady and current First Mother Barbara Bush is reviewed today by the New York Times ' Michiko Kakutani. LINK

Newsweek spends time with the former First Lady for a profile piece in today's issue. LINK

Politics for pretty people:

The best moment in Time: An interview with Mandy Moore. LINK

Time: "You play the president's daughter in an upcoming film. Is your character more Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush?"

Moore: "Jenna Bush. I'm the regular 18-year-old who wants to discover who she is. You look at the Bush twins, and it's like, yes, O.K., so maybe what they're doing is not right. But what teenagers at parties aren't drinking?"

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