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In Sunday's New York Times , Jennifer 8. Lee vividly painted the picture of a trendy Manhattan house party for the Kucinich campaign as a lead-in to the larger house party phenomenon that's "blending politics and potluck" for Kucinich, Kerry, Gephardt, and … oh yeah … Dean, whose campaign "has raised over $1 million from more than 13,000 donors at more than 2,000 house parties around the country since February." LINK

We'll resist all Kid 'N Play jokes and just give you some highlights.

And there's a whole bunch of stuff at the end of the article about those wacky techno-music campaign jingles on the Web that must make Woody Guthrie roll over in his grave … or at least bust a move.


The Washington Post 's Tom Edsall writes in a must-read, "Dean's success raising money and mobilizing voters has provoked a growing debate among Democratic and Republican strategists over whether the former Vermont governor has the potential to become a 'transformative' political figure, altering, for better or worse, the financial and constituent base of the Democratic Party." LINK

More: "Dean and his manager, Joe Trippi, do not hide their assertion that the flood tide of support flowing into their insurgent campaign, much of it through the Internet, signals no less than a sea change in traditional Democratic campaigning."

Elizabeth Mehren of the Los Angeles Times writes up Howard Dean's "outsider" strategy as he campaigns against the status quo in Washington. Don't miss the Yepsen excerpts from the "panderer" column (just 'cause they are so much fun) and the "rare breach of self-discipline" when faced with some Iowa apple pie. LINK

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Mike Williams Notes that oppo researchers searching through Burlington archives haven't found a smoking gun that proves Dean's temper to be volatile and impactful. That doesn't mean there aren't Vermonters who weren't allegedly called, say, a "pompous ass" by the former Governor. No real time peg for this story, so it makes you wonder how many other political reporters for regionally influential papers will write similar articles. LINK

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"On the venerable Iowa Press television program Friday night, Dean alluded to a disagreement between himself and several of his policy advisers about the feasibility of balancing the budget immediately."

"'There's been an internal fight about this,' Dean said."

"'I want to do it as soon as possible and some of my guys [have a different view].'"

"'My goal is five years,' he continued. 'Some people say it can't be done for six, some say seven.'"

"For a governor who began a speech to Arab-American community leaders in Michigan Saturday by saying, 'I believe that balancing the budget is the first step to create jobs again,' precisely when the books would be closed is a touchy issue. It will depend, his advisers, say, on how big the deficit is the day Dean takes office and how quickly the economy grows."

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont, who has been producing some of the best policy reporting on the trail, wrote up Dean's Iowa Press appearance with an emphasis on the tax hike comments. LINK

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