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"At a fundraiser at the Little Rock home of President Clinton's former White House interior designer, Kaki Hockersmith, on Friday evening, Mrs. Clark addressed the 'who's who' of Arkansas including Congressmen Marion Berry and Mike Ross. Even without the General, Mrs. Clark and the campaign's Chief Operating Officer, Ambassador Richard Sklar, drew a crowd, and the campaign was said to have raised more than $150,000 by the end of the evening. The question at the end of the night was not who supported Clark, but rather, who got to keep the chia-Donkey centerpiece?"


From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

"With Iowa out of the picture, it's full steam ahead for the Tidal Wave Tuesday strategy. The campaign hopes to win Oklahoma, Arizona and Delaware and have a decent showing in the other February 3 states. Aboard the WinnebaJoe last week, Senator Lieberman put the do or die situation this way, 'I'm gonna win some primaries on February 3. I've gotta win some primaries on February 3.'"

"Senator Lieberman's address to the Arab American Institute's leadership conference on Friday began with the words, 'I am Joseph, your brother' and ended in respectful applause, but there were fireworks and shouting in between. His heckling dominated Saturday's papers."

The Courant's David Lightman : LINK

The New York Times : LINK

The Dallas Morning News: LINK


From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

"Salvaging the final day of an interrupted four-day Iowa tour, Senator John F. Kerry sprinted to four towns Saturday armed with newfound foreign policy ammo: his vote against the $87 billion Iraq budget request."

"At the Hawkeye Community College Development Center in Waterloo, Kerry stated, as he would throughout the day to thunderous applause, 'I voted against that $87 billion in Washington yesterday, but let me make it clear: I'm for winning in Iraq … but we've got to do it the right way.'"

"The Democratic Senator then attempted to link the costs of war and peace to the Bush tax cuts arguing, 'If we can ask our National Guardsmen to spend an extra year in Iraq, we can ask our wealthiest to give a little bit of their tax cut back.'"

"During a ride-along interview later, Kerry said, 'I really think I was ahead of the curve in the questions I was asking (about Iraq) … I think the questions I raised about this war, my correctness, are going to serve me very, very well.'"

"The Massachusetts Senator also rejects the notion that he could have voted for a UN-heavy alternative such as the Levin proposal, arguing it gave the UN veto power over US national security."


With his campaign mired in the single digits, Edwards' took in significantly less than his major rivals writes Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer LINK

Dean, Edwards seek New Hampshire support for health plans, reports the Union Leader. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

"Over the weekend Senator Edwards launched his 11-stop 'National Check Up' tour to 'diagnose' the state of health care. Almost always included in his stump speech is a comment that of all the people running for president only Bush has no detailed healthcare plan. In a campaign statement Edwards said, 'This president has no remedy for these problems, but I do. I have a plan to fix America's health care mess, cover every child, protect our most vulnerable adults and bring down rising health care costs.'"

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