The Note

Will Jay Leno ask Chris Matthews about Karl Rove?

Will Dan Rather get his Schwarzenegger interview?

Will the press be able to record the Bush-Schwarzenegger phone call today?

If we can make it through this election cycle without James "Jimmy" Pindell and others misusing and misunderstanding the difference between a "push poll," an advocacy call, and a telephone survey meant to test which negative messages will work. LINK

Governor-elect Schwarzenegger will announce Congressman David Drier as the head of his transition team today at a press conference in Los Angeles. Five advisers are expected to help Schwarzenegger pick candidates for posts in his new administration.

At this writing, Governor Davis has no public events scheduled.

The President makes remarks on domestic violence prevention and signs a Proclamation for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the White House today. Tonight, he attends the 2003 Republican National Committee Presidential Gala at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

Senator Kerry campaigns in San Francisco and Tucson, Arizona, today.

Senator Lieberman and General Clark both campaign in Phoenix today.

Senator Edwards is on the second day of his three-day "Real Solutions Tour" swing in Iowa.

Ambassador Moseley Braun delivers a pair of speeches and has a fundraiser in Birmingham, Alabama.

Governor Dean stops by the New York Times for an editorial board meeting before heading to Phoenix.

Congressman Gephardt, Reverend Sharpton, and Congressman Kucinich have no public events scheduled for today - maybe they are doing debate prep.

The recall:

The B Boys tell us all What It Means:

Balz: LINK

Barabak: LINK

Berke Replacement: LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: The Invisible Primary:

Six Democratic presidential hopefuls plan to attend a South Carolina NAACP forum Friday. Kerry, Dean and Clark are "the only candidates in the nine-way field who have not yet accepted an invitation to Friday's round-table discussion on minority issues," the AP reports. LINK

If only they (we!) could bottle this stuff and sell it, we'd be flush enough to send our fun-loving monkeys off to camp for the summer!:

The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg on "How to Be the McCain of '04, by John McCain" LINK

Any piece that has Irving Kristol, Grover Norquist and the word "dappled" is a favorite of ours by definition. We especially enjoyed the Chuck Hagel quote..and Senator McCain's reminder to his aspiring imitators that, well, he lost.

From ABC News' Graham campaign reporter Tarana Harris:

"Tuesday night in Pensacola, Florida, 100 supporters put on a good face to greet Senator Graham at the home of prominent trial lawyer Fred Levin and bid farewell to his candidacy. The fish-fry fundraiser, Graham's first public appearance since his announcement, was originally scheduled for September but was rescheduled because of the last candidates' debate."

"Graham told the crowd, 'I thought tonight was going to be a little different mood than it is.' Explaining why his campaign couldn't get off the ground, and joked, 'I will tell you, when you're planning your race for the presidency, I would not recommend a detour through open heart surgery.'

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