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Mark Z. Barabak reports that national Democrats aren't worried about a political sea change in California even if Arnold Schwarzenegger emerges victorious in the recall. LINK

California recall, the governor:

Robert Salladay of the San Francisco Chronicle portrays an upbeat Gray Davis despite the poll numbers. LINK

The results of the Los Angeles Times poll and the view that the race is tightening is pushing some reluctant Davis allies into the fore. Gloria Molina of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors tells La Opinion that despite previous chilly relations with the Davis team, she is now going to join the anti-recall campaign in its last days because "it is obvious an important percentage of the Latino community hasn't gotten the message that it is necessary to vote against the recall." LINK

California recall, the Democrat:

The speculation as to whether or not Cruz Bustamante is planning on withdrawing from the race gets some play in the California Political Review. LINK

"Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is 'highly likely' to drop out of the race to replace Gov. Gray Davis tomorrow barring a last minute change of mind, according to a Sacramento source close to the lieutenant governor's campaign."

"As panic over a looming Republican capture of the governor's office has spread from the Davis camp through the ranks of Democrat elected officials and donors, Bustamante has been subjected to enormous pressure to withdraw his candidacy. Top level Democrats believe Bustamante now has no hope of overtaking Arnold Schwarzenegger on the candidate portion of the ballot, and that he is, in fact, sinking so fast he could finish third, behind both Schwarzenegger and state Senator Tom McClintock."

"Many Democrats now believe their only chance of retaining the governor's office is to defeat the recall. They hope Bustamante's withdrawal will convince enough of the 27 to 30 percent of registered Democrats now supporting the recall to change their minds once they see no chance of replacing an ousted Davis with another Democrat."

California recall:

Ah, man, much as these California guys try to do it their way, politics' conventions have a way of winning the day. The New York Times ' Ruttenberg on the still-true modern campaign truth, the television ad is king. LINK

The Los Angeles Times on the McClintock faithful: LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Martin writes up the Sacramento scuttlebutt of the nuts and bolts ramifications if Governor Davis is recalled. LINK

"Firing the 192 state employees who work directly under Gov. Gray Davis will cost taxpayers $600,000 in vacation buyouts."

Politics: The Washington Post 's Eric Pianin reports on the Democrats (and Senator Jeffords') decision to block Governor Leavitt's nomination to head the EPA. LINK

USA Today 's Kathy Kiely reports on the new TV ads on prescription drugs by Main Street Republicans. LINK

USA Today 's Kathy Kiely takes a look at the political influence (and money!) of American Indian tribes. LINK

USA Today 's Debbie Howlett reports that Cook County, Ill., has become the latest "local government to sanction an alternative to same-sex marriage." LINK

Per the AP, "Andrew Young, the former mayor and ambassador who told Georgia Democratic leaders he planned to run for U.S. Senate next year, is now telling close friends that he is leaning toward skipping the race." LINK


Reuters reports on the possibility of Gore TV, which "could potentially emerge as a competitor to Fox News Channel." Gore and a group of investors "are close to buying a small cable news channel from Vivendi Universal for $70 million." LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports on the third suit filed over the Clinton Library site in Little Rock.

Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter "called the suit 'meritless' and said his office was prepared to fight the Clinton library battle for the third time in five years." LINK

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