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The Los Angeles Times puts the third-quarter fundraising in perspective for the Democratic challengers: "After the final tallying, it may prove Bush's most lucrative fund-raising day. And it may prove a day in which he collected more than the Democratic candidates — other than Dean — raised for the entire quarter." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Pearson and Kemper follow the money for President Bush yesterday and note the significance of campaigning and fundraising in Illinois, a state that Bush lost by 12 percentage points in 2000. LINK

President Bush also traveled to Cincinnati, an area that has been extremely generous to his re-election bid, and brought in $1.7 million. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Brian Mooney reports that the president "is planning next week to make an official visit to New Hampshire" where he will "deliver an economic address to about 600 business leaders on Oct. 9 at The Armory in the Center of New Hampshire Holiday Inn." LINK

President Bush to name supporter Brett Doster as campaign manager for Florida. LINK

The Bush administration told the Supreme Court yesterday that the records of Vice President Cheney's energy task force should remain confidential, in a 25-page filing, Solicitor General Ted Olsen. LINK

The economy:

USA Today 's Sue Kirchoff and Barbara Hagenbaugh write, "The economy is rebounding. The job market isn't. The pace of job creation during this recovery has been the worst since World War II." LINK

The New York Times ' David Leonhardt examines the causes of the slumping American economy and a lack of job creation: LINK

The news of flagging consumer confidence and job creation yesterday depressed Wall Street, reports the Wall Street Journal 's Patrick Barta. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 105.18 points, or 1.1%, to close at 9275.06. The Nasdaq Composite Index lost 37.62 points, or 2.1%, to close at 1786.94. Still, Barta Notes, consumer spending has remained strong in recent months, and economists warn against paying too much attention to consumer confidence as an indicator, even though it highlights ongoing nervousness about the economy's ability to improve.

Big Casino budget politics:

Don't dare look for that budget before, say, hmmm, 2004?LINK

Deconstructing reconstructing:

Congressional Republican leaders gear up for a tough fight on President Bush's request for $87 billion for Iraq, with some followers not following the leaders, and the administration struggling to avoid a pre-donors-conference problem. LINK

President Bush's $87 billion request for post-war Iraq and Afghanistan has cleared the hurdle of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the Wall Street Journal 's David Rogers reports, though a Democrat-sponsored amendment is pushing for Iraqi oil revenue to supply the $20.3 billion in reconstruction costs. The floor debate, scheduled to begin Wednesday, is shaping up as a fiercely partisan fight — at least over the $20.3 billion — and Vice President Cheney talked it up as an "us versus them" issue at a Republican luncheon yesterday, Rogers Notes.

The Los Angeles Times also looks at the fight brewing over loan versus grant. LINK

So does the Boston Globe . LINK

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: 3rd quarter fundraising:

The quarter is over and the cash is in — so where is everyone on the Twister board?

ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder reports:

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