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"She had neither the grasp of policy substance, the managerial skills, nor the political smarts to do the job she was then given. And she wasn't smart enough to realize that she was in over her head and had to get out of the Health Care Czar role quickly."

Noah goes on to offer the 6 reasons the Right so badly wants a Hillary-for-President run. LINK

Chinese publishers censor Senator Clinton's memoirs. LINK

"Nearly everything Mrs. Clinton had to say about China, including descriptions of her own visits here, former President Bill Clinton's meetings with Chinese leaders and her criticisms of Communist Party social controls and human rights policies, has been shortened or selectively excerpted to remove commentary deemed offensive by Beijing," reports the New York Times .

Ueber-lawyer Bob Barnett promises that when Mrs. Clinton's husband's autobiography is published in China, "you can bet that translation will be carefully scrutinized."


The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson reports that Governor Shaheen's endorsement ended "nine months of political inactivity" and that Shaheen "had been expected to maintain her independence into the fall because she was scheduled to moderate four candidate forums next month." LINK

Jeanne Shaheen's signing as Kerry's national campaign chair is treated as "expected" by John DiStaso of the Manchester Union Leader. LINK

Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph writes that Shaheen's decision to back Kerry "could hardly qualify as a big surprise" but quotes Republican National Committeeman Tom Rath saying Shaheen's help "can't be overstated." LINK

"'She is a master of timing. Four years ago, she helped pick up Al Gore off the mat, dusted him off and brought him to victory in New Hampshire to resurrect that campaign,' (Rath) said."

"The International Association of Fire Fighters planned to endorse Kerry on Wednesday after a vote of union leaders," the AP reports. LINK

"The union, which reported 214,000 dues-paying members last year, likes Kerry's record as a decorated Vietnam War veteran; his political, legal and legislative experience; his sense of humor; and his personal interests in athletics and Harley-Davidsons, union President Harold Schaitberger said."

"Late entrant Wesley Clark has four-star credentials, but lacks political and legislative experience, said Schaitberger, who spent a couple of hours at breakfast with the retired general several weeks ago, along with other union presidents."

The Boston Globe 's Patrick Healy reports that Kerry "took a swipe" at Clark Tuesday "because the retired general voted for Republican presidents in the past." LINK

Kerry challenges Clark to answer for his support of Nixon and Reagan reports the Miami Herald 's Peter Wallsten. LINK

Senator Kerry (and Jordan, Gibbs, and friends) probably won't mind that Walter Shapiro calls him "lanky" because Shapiro does spend at least 90 percent of his column talking about Kerry's "steadiness." LINK


Shocked, just shocked! The New York Times ' squared W of Wilgoren and Wyatt write on Dean's swing at Clark's anti-war bona fides. LINK

"Dr. Dean, who himself has been accused by rivals of flip-flopping on issues, focused on remarks General Clark made last week when, in interviews, he first said that he probably would have voted for the Congressional resolution authorizing war in Iraq and then, the following day, was led to backtrack."

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