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"The enthusiasm and crowds in Columbia and Chicago somewhat made up for the poor showing in D.C. Moseley Braun was scheduled to speak at 9 am at Howard University, which is predominantly African American. At 8:50 the small gallery was full of journalists and one lonesome student sitting among 30 empty chairs. Minutes before her speech, about two dozen students filled the room.

"'She's an amazing woman,' Moseley Braun's 26-year-old son Matthew said as he introduced her. The Ambassador then went on to deliver a 20-minute speech which, with a few minor changes, was the same for all three states. It started with a list of what she had accomplished in prior elected positions including when she was senator of Illinois."

"The closest she came to discussing any of the other candidates was a brief mention of Bush saying 'his only new idea has been a pre-emptive war and a huge new bureaucracy.' There weren't any drastic strategy changes on this announcement tour."

"South Carolina it was quite a different picture. She arrived at Benedict College and instantly mingled and shook student's hands while they ate lunch. In contrast to the feeling of indifference in DC, she was recognized by most Benedict students. Her campaign spokesperson, Kevin Lampe said they're wasn't time to get the momento going at Howard because Hurricane Isabel gave students Thursday and Friday off from the previous week. She spoke in front of a crowd of 200 people, giving the same speech, but this time with a bit more buzz. As she told the story of her niece Claire, who was flipping through a history book and said 'Auntie Carol all the presidents are boys,' a woman in the audience shouted 'white boys.'"

"Perhaps it was the song 'You Gotta Be' by Des'ree that made the difference in Columbia and Chicago. She even started dancing to the beat with a baby from the crowd."

"The grand finally was at her alma mater, the University of Illinois where she was joined by family, friends, Chicago dignitaries and even her niece Claire. Moseley Braun definitely seemed to be in her element here. And the crowd was extremely responsive."


Candidates take Note: the Des Moines Register 's David Yepsen reports that there could be a vote on merging the governments of Des Moines and Polk County soon. LINK

ABC 2004: Taste of the Campaign:

The end of buzz?

More like "the culmination of buzz."

The Note's (shameless) promotion of the Culinary Clash in the Capital has proved far too successful.

Today was the day we were going to channel Texas sweetheart Liz Smith to tell you about all the bold faced names some of you will be hob nobbing with tomorrow night, but there ended up being too many for the Googling monkeys to list.

So just four things for you to know:

1. All those attending will be able to taste the favorite desserts of the men and woman running for president and then vote on which one they like best — making this the first time the candidates have faced the voters (and a jungle primary, no less!).

2. The CCitC will also double as Washington's premiere California gubernatorial debate watch party.

3. If you have ever longed for a Note collectible, you best show up for a limited-edition special Note tzotchke.

4. Vote early, but just once. And we'll see you Wednesday night at the David Westin/Peter Jennings-hosted A Taste of the Campaign. Great views of the Capitol promised.

Bush Administration strategy/personality:

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