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The Boston Herald's Wayne Woodlief has a column today on Senator Clinton's activity. He writes, "The latest breathless buzz as we hit the silly season in the presidential race is that there's a Clinton Conspiracy afoot: A manipulation of fellow Arkansan and Newsweek cover boy Wesley Clark as a stalking horse to land Hillary in the Oval Office in 2005, with Bill revived as the big boy in the back room." LINK

(We'd love to give you more, but it's a columnists-for-paid-subscribers-only deal.)

Senator Hillary Clinton (once again) said yesterday she is sticking to her decision not to enter the presidential fray in 2004. But former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Don Imus that he thinks Hillary will jump into the race if it looks as if the Democrats can win. Giuliani also said: "'I kind of buy the argument that Gen. [Wesley] Clark may be something of a stalking horse for her.'" LINK

In Thomas M. DeFrank's Daily News story on the new Gallup Poll, he looks at the cosmic meaning of Hillary Clinton's decision to add Joe Householder to her Senate staff as communications director. "Householder's last political campaign was in 2002, when he helped run the successful reelection campaign of Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack." LINK

DeFrank also gets an unnamed "senior Bush counselor" to talk up the president's money advantage: "'Give me a tie by the end of February and the $210 million we'll have to spend on advertising that they won't, and I'll take it.'" LINK

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: The Washington Post 's Richard Cohen is a fan of "The Candidate," and he thinks that Wesley Clark and Howard Dean (and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington) should watch it soon (and study it closely!). LINK

USA Today 's Susan Page and Richard Benedetto scream on the front page that Clark leads the pack in the new poll. LINK

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga and Noelle Straub report that Clark and Kerry "bumped ahead of a suddenly vulnerable President Bush for the first time yesterday in a new national poll, running stronger than even primary front-runner Howard Dean." LINK

Nonetheless, the last 11 paragraphs of the story are about … the hullabaloo about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Boston Globe 's Joanna Weiss also writes up the poll. LINK

Robert Gibbs loves the Daily News … or at least he should.

Senator Kerry joins General Clark in the kicker and graphic that accompany Thomas M. DeFrank's write-up of the Gallup Poll in today's New York Daily News: "2 Dems beating Bush: Kerry, Clark ahead in poll, W at new low." LINK

With half of the Democratic hopefuls having Jewish ties, Americans seem to hold religious affiliation of less and less importance, says Peter Savodnik of the Hill. LINK

In advance of Thursday's debate, DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe was on a tour of six cities in Pennsylvania and Ohio to rally Democratic support. LINK


The Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei gives the requisite ink to the CNN- USA Today -Gallup poll, which shows that sometimes buzz is everything — The General bests The president, 49% to 46%. LINK

E.J. Dionne tries to figure out how Clark could jump so high, so fast in the polls. LINK

USA Today 's Susan Page writes, "Democrats haven't been drawn to retired general Wesley Clark because of his detailed policy positions. He doesn't have any." LINK

Eric Schmitt writes on Clark's call at the Citadel for a "New American Patriotism." LINK

The understated Mr. Schmitt Notes:

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