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In Sunday's Boston Globe , Mary Leonard wrote that "Kucinich roared with gale force winds into Cambridge Friday to keynote a Peace Action dinner." LINK

Moseley Braun:

Carol Moseley Braun will stress her unique qualifications when she announces her candidacy today, the AP's Nedra Pickler reports. LINK

"'A woman can fix the mess they have created, because we are practical, we are not afraid of partnerships and we are committed to making the world better for our children.'"

"Monday's kickoff schedule started with speeches at two historically black colleges — Howard University in Washington and Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. Braun's final appearance was scheduled in her home town of Chicago … ."

As Ambassador Moseley Braun travels today to make it "official," the State wonders what makes an announcement "official" if one has been campaigning for months already. LINK


Knight Ridder's Kevin Wiatrowski reports on Reverend Sharpton's visit to Conway, South Carolina, last night, where he "tailored his speech to the church's packed house, reminding a responsive crowd about blacks' long years of struggle to earn the right to vote." LINK


The Washington Post 's well-accented Tania Branigan warms Nick Baldick's heart by pointing out just how wide and deep the undecidedness of Iowa Democrats runs. LINK

ABC 2004: Taste of the Campaign:

Are they coming for the dessert or are they coming for the rare opportunity to get K Street's Ron Fournier on a chocolate high?

As The Note has reviewed the ever-growing crowd planning to attend David Westin and Peter Jennings' Culinary Clash in Capital next Wednesday night, we have to wonder — are they coming for the sweets or are they just sweet on Ron Brownstein?

The nation's top political reporters (yes, we mean you , Adam Nagourney) will be among the crowds voting for the best presidential dessert.

The campaigns will be out in force, all for the chance to convince Dan Balz that Reverend Al Sharpton's Sweet Potato Pie can overcome all the odds.

And with one vote per guest, on this night of all nights, everyone's pen is equally powerful.

It all happens Wednesday night as Westin and Jennings fete the ABC News campaign coverage team and the Googling monkeys (making a rare semi-public appearance).

Which campaign staffers (and, dare we say it, candidates) will be smart enough to take a break from debate prep to get lubricated social access to those who will determine who "looked presidential" on that cable stage?

ABC 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Wall Street Journal does its steel tariff story today on A6, with this throw-away graph, mentioning the Boogeyman:

"Many of the president's top economic advisers support dumping the tariffs, saying they have already helped the steel industry overhaul and are more of a problem than they are worth. But as in March 2001, when the White House backed the tariffs, President Bush could seek the ultimate advice from his top political adviser, Karl Rove. Administration officials say the president will weigh the two reports at length before making any decision."

Dorothy Rabinowitz writes a love letter to the Two Davids, explaining why the left goes so hard after John Ashcroft.

"For the first time in a year, Bush's approval ratings on Iraq have dropped below 50 percent," Newsweek reports. LINK

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