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USA Today 's Bill Nichols reports, "Bush aides say that he's well aware of how important it is for him to please this particular [U.N.]audience and that he plans to take a conciliatory tone that acknowledges past divisions — though he'll also insist that the U.N. meet its responsibilities in Iraq." LINK

Knight Ridder's Ron Hutcheson writes, "No matter how the negotiations go, no one expects significant help in Iraq anytime soon." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Anne Kornblut reports that the president said Sunday that "it was 'uncivil' for [Senator Kennedy] to accuse the administration of bribing foreign nations to take part in the Post war effort. Bush said the senator 'should not' have made the remark." LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

On Sunday, David Rosenbaum of the New York Times reviewed the history of Big Casino issues of the '90s and looks for clues for today, and proves once again that he is neither supply sider nor Keynsian in talking about how the deficit could be reduced:

"It would help for some of the president's tax cuts to be repealed, or at least postponed, and for Congress and the president to agree to rigid spending discipline, neither of which seems likely to occur." LINK

Politics: Robert Bartley columnizes a must-read in the Wall Street Journal , breaking the code on the Rovian view of the status of the Democratic Party. Well done.

"Cynthia A. McKinney, the Georgia Democrat who was voted out of Congress last year, is being considered as part of a Green Party presidential ticket next year," The Washington Times reports. LINK

"Miss McKinney, who declared that President Bush knew in advance about the September 11 attacks, was lauded on a Web site,, which was urging her to run at the top of the Green Party ticket." LINK

The New York Times says Kate Michelman is stepping down next spring. LINK

Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb will soon assume the title of vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the Denver Post reports. LINK

Roll Call 's Chris Cillizza reports that "Rep. Bill Janklow (R-S.D.) is set to hold a press conference today in which he is expected to address his political future after his involvement in an automobile accident Aug. 16 that left a man dead and the former governor charged with second-degree manslaughter."

Michael Powell mused "inconclusively" to the Paper of Record about "how much longer" he would be at the FCC and reflected on the politics of his past year. LINK

And Salon, looking at why Trent Lott is so busy fighting the FCC's new ownership regulations, offers this:

"A former veteran Hill staffer who worked extensively on telecommunication issues is more blunt: 'If Lott can hide behind the cloak of localism and make life miserable for the White House and the party leadership, that's fine with him.'" LINK

Legislative agenda:

With Republicans putting ANWR back into the energy bill, the Democrats get ready to block it, per the New York Times .(Someone call the Teamsters!) LINK

K Street:

Mentions of Ron Fournier and Mitch Bainwol AND a Tammy Haddad cameo on Episode II!!!

This is The Note's kind of TV show.

And Roll Call 's Brody Mullins reports that James Carville thinks Senator Lott is out to get him. The Note thinks that's probably true, but also thinks that it had little to do with "K Street" being banned from the Capitol.

Hats off to Paton Boggs … Roll Call reports, "Aided by a $1.5 million boost in lobbying revenues, Patton Boggs vaulted ahead of Cassidy & Associates as Washington's top lobbying firm, according to a semiannual review of lobbying disclosure forms for the first half of 2003."

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