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Maria Shriver will take a private tour of the nonprofit Bring Me a Book Foundation, have lunch with local businesswomen, and then make a statement to the press in Mountainview today. She speaks to the San Francisco Commonwealth Club on Tuesday.

State Senator Tom McClintock is in Los Angeles speaking at a "Principles over Politics" breakfast and then attending another anti car-tax rally.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is expected to have more than 80 California gubernatorial candidates as part of the studio audience tonight.


A new frontrunner? That's what Newsweek calls Clark. LINK

"Retired Gen. Wesley Clark may have only entered the presidential race on Thursday, but he is already the Democratic frontrunner, according to a new Newsweek poll."

"Clark won support from 14 percent registered Democrats and Democratic leaners, outpacing" Dean (12 percent), Lieberman (12 percent), Kerry (10 percent) and Gephardt (8 percent).

Howard Fineman's Newsweek piece on the Democrats' new "It boy" suggests that Clark is furious at Karl Rove AND Howard Dean. He's allegedly mad at Rove for blocking him from joining Bush's team after Al Qaeda attacked America. He's mad at Dean for allegedly leaking word of their secret meeting in Los Angeles. LINK

Time's Joe Klein asks: "Can the real Wesley Clark match the fantasy version imagined by peacenik Democrats?" LINK

Time's Karen Tumulty looks at Clark's difficulties in enunciating his position on Iraq. LINK

"Only a day after his announcement, Clark told reporters on his campaign plane that if he had been in Congress last fall, he probably would have voted for the resolution authorizing President Bush to use force in Iraq. In a single sentence he had undermined the rationale for his whole candidacy-at least for those who saw him as Howard Dean with stars and a war record. Clark seems to have realized this himself, for the next day he reversed course." LINK

USA Today 's Richard Benedetto reports on the new Newsweek poll that shows Clark in a tight race with the president, but makes sure to Note, "History suggests that predictions this far out on who is likely to win the nomination, let alone the general election, are based on a fragile foundation. Early leaders often have a way of fading." LINK

Benedetto also Notes that Senator Biden was asked to contemplate a candidacy by his colleague Senator Clinton, and he "noted [sic] that Clinton generates strong opinions pro and con."

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont reports on Senator Lieberman's Sunday attack on Clark about Iraq. LINK

Clark will "Hear it from the Heartland." LINK

Variety's Jonathan Bing reports that Wesley Clark, Jr., "is writing two projects for Wolfgang Petersen's Radiant Prods., an original script called 'Cold Shelter,' set in the Cold War, and a script called 'That Others May Live,' about Air Force para-rescue jumpers. He also sold an untitled crime thriller to Warner Bros."

More: "Like his dad, Wesley Clark Jr. is a West Point grad with service experience. He's charismatic, producers say, and adroit with a pitch."

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

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