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But all is neither doom nor gloom for the Boston Bombers. Steve Greenhouse reports the International Association of Firefighters is set to throw its support behind the Senator next week.

Why Kerry and not traditional labor candidate Gephardt?

"Harold Schaitberger, the firefighters' president, declined to discuss his union's plans, but labor leaders who have talked with him said the union would back Mr. Kerry because its leaders thought the senator was the most electable Democrat." LINK

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

"Striding aboard the CVS-11 U.S.S Intrepid Essex class aircraft carrier for a night of fundraising, Kerry now leads President Bush in two categories: 1) Kennedy endorsements, 2) appearances on or near an aircraft carrier. Soft rockin' James Taylor led the closed press, heavier wallet crowd in what we can only assume were rousing renditions of his classics. We do believe, however, that Taylor left their smiling faces having showered the Kerry people and knowing just how sweet it is."

"The up-to-1,000 person crowd then gathered and mingled as they awaited the headlining act. Opening act, Chic, a group famous for penning such hits as 'We are Family' and 'Good Times' for '70s stars Sister Sledge, proposed their hit 'Freak Out' as the new Kerry campaign theme song. We leave it to the voters to decide the respective accuracies and ironies of current campaign theme song, 'No Surrender' and the newly proposed 'Freak Out.'"

"Due to acoustical constraints on the WWII-era Intrepid, headlining act Moby played three cover songs, proposing his own new campaign theme song: 'We're Not Gonna Take It.' Candidate Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and eldest daughter Alexandra Kerry listened as Moby played, then Kerry joined him on stage, made brief remarks and played guitar on a cover of the late Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire.'"

"[Friday] Kerry receives the endorsement of Lt. General Claudia Kennedy at an event in New York."

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga reports on RFK Jr.'s endorsement and says he "will campaign for Kerry in Iowa next weekend." LINK

The Union Leader on the Kennedy, Jr., backing: LINK

The Kerry campaign answers the Dean campaign's Web "bat" and breaks out its own "hammer," so reports the Boston Herald's Miga. LINK

"Kerry's Web site, utilizing carnival-style imagery, allows donors to click on a hammer that sends a caricature of Bush toppling haplessly from a White House perched atop a pole into a trash can labeled 'History.'"

Well, we found out who hohoh@wafflepoweredhoward is. Many friends of The Note assisted the monkeys yesterday and told us his name is Eric Huebner, and here's what he told us himself, "I'm a pro-Kerry guy but did a favor for a friend (who shall remain anonymous) by setting up this site. I'm not connected to the Kerry campaign in any way but I have setup my own pro-Kerry Web site … "


Despite Wall Street Journal accounts from Schlesinger and Calmes on August 29 and September 5, respectively, that Dean was preparing to unveil middle-class tax breaks of his own, DiStaso has a piece in today's Manchester Union Leader that makes it sound like Dean has once again decided that a middle-class tax cut is unaffordable. LINK

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