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Governor Dean addresses the SEIU and AFSCME meetings in D.C. today. He will speak at a rally at the University of Maryland in College Park tonight. He'll be in Baltimore for the debate on Tuesday, and campaigns in New Hampshire on Wednesday and Friday. He will be in Indianola for the steak fry on Saturday and campaign some more in Iowa on Sunday.

Senator Lieberman speaks to the SEIU conference today and attends a dessert fundraiser reception at a private home in D.C. today. He's in Baltimore tomorrow for the debate. He hits pairs of fundraisers in New Jersey and Florida on Wednesday and Friday, respectively, and also addresses the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City on Wednesday. He will not go to the steak fry on Saturday, but instead campaign in New Hampshire over the weekend and come back to the capital for a fundraiser reception on Sunday night in Potomac, Maryland at a private home.

Senator Graham will be in the Bronx on Friday to watch the Yankees play the Devil Rays.

Ambassador Moseley Braun will address the SEIU meeting today and the AFSCME meeting tomorrow in D.C. She will be in Baltimore for the debate on Tuesday. On Friday, she addresses the Chicago Women in Government Relations meeting at the East Bank Club in Chicago.

Reverend Sharpton was scheduled to be in St. Louis today to participate in the boycott of the public schools there. On Tuesday, he addresses the AFSCME meeting in D.C. and attends the debate in Baltimore.

Tuesday brings us the Congressional Black Caucus presidential debate in Baltimore and the tax referendum vote in Alabama.

Saturday is Senator Tom Harkin's Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa.

In the recall:

Governor Davis' campaign says he will hold a town hall meeting in Los Angeles County some time today, but they are not giving details yet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a town hall meeting tonight at 8:00 pm ET at Chapman University in Orange. Maria Shriver will help to register voters at a Wal-Mart in Sacramento today. She will also attend two fundraisers today in Redding and Yuba City.

State Senator Tom McClintock does an interviews with Oakland KTVU television San Diego KFMB radio today.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley announces today where the polling places for the recall will be.

Lt. Governor Bustamante has no public events scheduled for today.

Peter Camejo will meet with third-strikers serving life sentences for non-violent offenses in South Los Angeles today.

The second gubernatorial debate takes place Tuesday morning at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles. Bustamante, McClintock, Huffington and Camejo will take part.

The Game Show Network's "Who Wants to Be Governor?" premiers Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET/PT.

The Politics of National Security:

First-blush reaction to the speech can only be said to be pretty cautionary and negative. We are forced to invoke the even-Judy Keen-rule in surveying the coverage and seeing a lot of media hand-wringing and gloom-and-doom.

The press in the coming days will surely pick over all the political and practical implications of this huge amount of money, with the Ron Brownsteins of the world in line to keep demanding that the president rescind some of his tax cuts to pay for all of this — ignoring yet again the supply side orthodoxy that guides this President's economic recovery plan.

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