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"In the seventh inning Seth Williams, Kerry Manchester field organizer, smacked an inside the park home-run into center field giving Kerry's staff the go ahead run to defeat Dean's 14-13.

Kerry's team was the home team so they had the last bat.

The six inning game was pushed into an extra inning because of a slow and steady comeback from Kerry.

Team Dean scored 11 of their 13 runs in the first two innings.

It was the second time that day that Kerry's team played extra innings. Earlier they defeated team Lieberman 19-16. That game went nine innings.

Team Dean advanced to the finals with by defeating the Gephardt staff 14-3."

California recall, Arnold:

Not only is the recall itself not a done deal, according to the Los Angeles Times poll on Saturday, but Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante leads Arnold Schwarzenegger by a healthy margin. LINK

The Times remained cautious, however.

"But the contest remains unsettled, and polling is a particular challenge in this environment, given the special nature of the election and the way the campaign has been collapsed into a relatively brief, two-month time frame. California has never before witnessed a gubernatorial recall election. Voter turnout will be critical to the outcome, yet it is difficult to predict who will cast ballots. The figures in the Times poll assume a disproportionately high Republican turnout. The poll suggested a great deal of fluidity: Although views on the recall effort itself were quite fixed, 46% of likely voters said they could change their minds about whom to support between now and Oct. 7."

The poll of 1,351 registered voters was conducted between August 16 and 21. The margin of error for likely voters (801) was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus points out that Republicans are splitting their vote, that many voters don't think Schwarzenegger knows enough, and that voters do not believe he will be able to "clean house." LINK

Schwarzenegger spokesman Sean Walsh downplayed the poll to ABC News' Nick Schifrin.

"Clearly, the Times poll is not consistent with any other poll that we have seen," Walsh said.

"We haven't crowed when public polls show us ahead, and we haven't complained when any polls have shown us not ahead," he continued.

Walsh also sized up the pollsters: "The analogy is that pollsters are like kids at a birthday party: they have a blindfold on them, they're turned around 10 times, they're trying to pin the tail on the donkey … The tail's hitting all over the wall right now."

The Schwarzenegger camp also told Schifrin that they expect to pick up some voters who would have supported Simon.

And in light of Simon's exit, the pressure is on the remaining Republicans to get out of the race.

The San Jose Mercury News' Mary Anne Ostrom reports Rep. David Drier's urging the remaining Republican candidates to drop out. LINK

The AP's Fouhy reports that McClintock and Ueberroth have no plans to make way for Schwarzenegger. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Daryl Kelley on McClintock, who says he's not going anywhere. LINK

The New York Post 's Deborah Orin reports that America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, will campaign for Arnold Schwarzenegger. LINK

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