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The Los Angeles Times says that [o]fficials are scrambling to find new ballot formats that can accommodate dozens of candidates' names — more than they have ever seen in a single contest. Some, who once expected this to be a quiet season, are rushing to implement untested, high-tech voting systems for which their employees have not been trained." LINK

California recall, the Invisible Primary:

Return of The Notepad???

Not quite, but we asked leading representatives of the Democratic presidential campaigns to send us a description of what has happened to the level of press calls/press interest in their campaigns since Arnold hit big.

Here are some of their answers:

Jano Cabrera for Joe Lieberman: ""There's definitely been a Gigli-like drop off in business. Since Ahr-nold announced, reporters have totally redefined what passes for news. But we're adjusting; from this point forward Lieberman will only speak in corny one-liners and appear at all public events bare-chested and glistening in oil."

Jennifer Palmieri for John Edwards: ""Arnold … is he the son of a mill worker? To date, Wagner has not found Total Recall worthy of his attention. My life remains the same. Please (!) send any overlooked angles to Maybe Arnold and Clay Aiken as a ticket?"

Robert Gibbs (via his spokesgal) for John Kerry: " … .it's so quiet that Lehane went on vacation and nobody noticed."

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