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The New York Times ' Bernard Weinraub looks at Hollywood's thoughts on the campaign. LINK The New York Times ' Charlie LeDuff quotes new Washingtonian and Orioles watcher Sheri Annis, who advised Schwarzenegger on last fall's Proposition 49. LINK "'The media, the scrutiny, it's going to be a new world for him.'"

"'He's extraordinarily smart, and extremely savvy, but he has to be careful,' Ms. Annis said in an interview before Mr. Schwarzenegger entered the race. 'When the press looks at an actor in Hollywood who doesn't do Shakespeare, they don't think there is a lot upstairs. So if he's protected too much from the political media, he'll have trouble.'"

And lots wonder what he really thinks about the issues.

New York Times 's Bernard Weinraub. LINK; the New York Times editorial board. LINK; the Washington Post 's Rene Sanchez. LINK; the Washington Post 's editorial board. LINK; the San Francisco Chronicle's Robert Salladay. LINK; and the Sacramento Bee's Gary Delsohn LINK. The Orange County Register's John Gittelsohn constructs a timeline of how Schwarzenegger made his decision. LINK

Including a comment from media adviser Don Sipple: "'We were all caught flat footed. Nobody knew what he was going to do except him.'"

The Washington Post 's Ann Gerhart looks at Schwarzenegger's relationship with the Kennedys. LINK And describes a wedding gift Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver that we really want to see.

"Former U.N. secretary general Kurt Waldheim presented the couple with a larger-than-life sculpture of themselves, featuring Arnold smiling in lederhosen, hoisting a dirndl-skirted Maria into the air."

Photos? Anyone? Larger-than-life!!!!????

The New York Times editorial board isn't taking kindly to the Schwarzenegger candidacy. LINK And the Washington Post editorial board makes a case for the politicking to be left to the politicians. LINK One of the more interesting angles emerging is the stance of social conservatives who aren't rallying behind a Schwarzenegger candidacy.

James Lafferty, spokesman for Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), which was founded in California, told The Note that his group is "going to be in contact with religious leaders throughout California and start a dialog" to see whether Arnold Schwarzenegger is a social conservative as well as an economic conservative. Chief among the issues his folks care about: abortion and same-sex marriage.

Says Lafferty, "We get a bad vibe about him based on some of the veiled things he has said in the past. We are going to try to create some pressure on this."

What else bothers them? "His close association with Riordan, who is exactly the sort of Republican we don't want to see in any office."

California recall, Davis:

"A trio of powerful San Francisco Democrats — Senator Dianne Feinstein, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Willie Brown — all either criticized Davis or went frosty in their support. California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D) and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi (D), both proven statewide vote-getters, put their names on the ballot to replace Davis should he lose the recall, foiling Davis's plan to survive by giving Democratic voters no alternative to keeping him in office," the Washington Post wraps. LINK

Pelosi told the Los Angeles Times: ""I think Davis faces a very big challenge." LINK

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