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Several members of the labor federation, like the powerful California Teachers Association, are officially neutral about other candidates entering the race.

Others, like state's big firefighters union and the SEIU state council, plan to support Governor Davis more directly, as will a few correctional/law enforcement office unions.

Yet others remain undecided.

Two national labor leaders told ABC News the same thing: "wait until Saturday."

California recall, the courts:

The California Supreme Court yesterday dismissed all cases filed against the recall election. LINK

The Los Angeles Times reports that federal lawsuits — including a possible appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court by the Davis campaign — are likely to continue to surround the recall elections, and that "more lawsuits could come after the voting." In the meantime, though, the recall is plowing ahead with no state-level lawsuits to impede it.

The AP's David Kravets writes, "The court was responding to five petitions. Two asked to block challengers' names from appearing on the ballot. One asked to move two unrelated ballot initiatives to the March primary election." LINK

Another lawsuit, filed by Davis tried to delay the election until March because of issues with the mechanics of the vote. Another involved the requirements to get on the ballot — $3,500 and 65 signatures of registered voters. The court would not deal with petitions saying that Bustamante automatically succeeds Davis if voters approve the recall. In addition, the court would not let Davis be listed as a candidate on the ballot. It also refused to move two ballot initiatives — including University of California Regent Ward Connerly's measure to bar all California governments from tracking race in schools and the workplace — to March.

California recall, the other Democrats:

The Washington Wire's Jackie Calmes has Democratic polling data that shows: "some 60% of likely Oct. 7 voters backing (Davis') recall."

She also Notes the significance of Garamendi's entrance into the race: "Party's hopes of rallying around Lt. Gov. Bustamante should Davis be ousted are dashed when insurance Commissioner Garamendi jumps in."

Despite Panetta's statements to The Washington Post and to Nightline that he will not enter the race, Calmes keeps speculation alive about a Panetta candidacy by reporting in The Wall Street Journal that a Democratic poll shows Schwarzenegger "behind both Democratic former Rep. Panetta and Republican ex-Mayor Riordan in polls." (The Note thinks that poll is whack; Panetta's famous in Washington, not so much in the Golden State … )

"Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, who announced Wednesday that he will run in the recall election to replace Gov. Gray Davis, has long been a major recipient of money from Indian tribes with casinos, and could receive significant sums from them in his campaign," the Los Angeles Times reports. LINK

"Since first winning an Assembly seat in 1993, Bustamante has accepted more than $1.5 million in direct donations from tribes with casinos. Since he took office as lieutenant governor in 1999, tribes have accounted for 12% of his total contributions."

The Sacramento Bee remembers that Bustamante and Davis really dislike each other.

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