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"California officials warned Tuesday that a possible meltdown of the statewide election system — akin to the chaos in Florida in 2000 — could occur if they were forced to hold a recall election on Gov. Gray Davis in just two months."

"While Secretary of State Kevin Shelley prepared to certify the unprecedented recall as soon as today, his top-level staff presented a doomsday scenario about the special election itself. California law requires an election within 60 to 80 days of Shelley's announcement, forcing a mad scramble among the counties to throw something together in a matter of weeks."

"'I have to tell you I am frightened by the potential for possible failure of the elections system on a 60-day timetable,' a high-ranking California elections official said Tuesday, asking that his name not be used."

Charlie LeDuff spent some time over the weekend with Congressman Darrell Issa. Once you have read the profile, we guarantee you will be saying "step away from the car" all day long. LINK

Steve Lopez continues to promote his candidacy. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Simon profiles Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. LINK

California papers write up Senator Feinstein's Washington Post op-ed in favor of school vouchers in the District. LINK and LINK

Big Casino budget politics: A big day in Big Casino, with major child tax credit and Medicare action.

On the former, Democrats are trying to get a win or an issue; on the latter, the Republicans are trying to broker a compromise in the face of CBO analysis that will make things tougher.

A compromise offered by Senate Republicans who want to pass the child tax credit is likely to fail, says the New York Times ' David Firestone, for reasons practical and political. Meanwhile, tax cut money will soon arrive at the nation's doorsteps. LINK

USA Today says that Leader DeLay called the Senate float "a very interesting proposal, " but he certainly isn't predicting a deal . LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Murray and Hitt suggest that Senator Grassley doesn't see the White House working to resolve this as much as Mr. McClellan suggests, and believes the matter is "stalled."

"On Thursday, President Bush is scheduled to visit a federal office in Philadelphia that is printing the checks, using the opportunity to remind voters that the checks are to stimulate the economy," Firestone writes.

"Democrats plan a series of protests on and off the floors of Congress this week to demonstrate their anger that 6.5 million low-income families were left out of the economic stimulus package and will not be receiving the checks. Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader, said members of her party would make this 'the week from hell' for Republicans."

As for Medicare, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, per the New York Times ' Robert Pear said he was "personally concerned about losing momentum" in re the conference over Medicare legislation LINK

Thompson suggested that the White House wants what Mr. Pear calls a "workable" bill than one chained to Republican ideology.

Vicki Kemper of the Los Angeles Times writes up the CBO projections putting the cost of both the House and Senate prescription drug plans above the president's desired $400 billion price tag. LINK

Amy Goldstein of the Washington Post has the same grim review. LINK

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