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He used the former occasion to ask some pointed questions to his rivals, per the Union Leader:

"'Why is it that those in Congress have waited until now to question the intelligence, to question the lack of postwar planning, to question the skyrocketing costs of this war?' Dean said. 'Why were they not asking these questions and seeking the truth nine months ago, before they voted to give the president blank-check authority to go to war?" LINK

"Dean did not mention any of his rivals by name yesterday. But he displayed an enlarged copy of the resolution and noted that it did not require the president to exhaust all diplomatic means before going to war — a slap at Kerry's assertion Monday that Bush circumvented portions of the resolution by not exhausting all diplomatic options or building an international coalition before attacking Saddam's forces."

Dean managed to move 30 points in a poll - Stone Riley, "a 46-year-old software engineer," is now 90 percent sure he'll support Dean, versus 60 percent before he heard him speak, the Nashua Telegraph says. LINK

The Union Leader ed board sees Howard Dean as, well, confused. LINK

The Burlington Free Press has a rah-rah for the local boy story today, Noting that Dean's "fiscal conservatism" may serve him well in the months ahead. LINK

Governor Dean will try to prove his vigah by participating in an 11-mile bike race this Friday in Iowa … . More to come.

We say: thank goodness the Service hasn't joined the campaign yet. Have YOU ever tried to advance an open-air bike race?

We don't get why Michael Kramer called Howard Dean's brand of politics "old fashioned liberalism" without any disclaimers. LINK

Edwards: Senator Edwards opened his South Carolina campaign headquarters yesterday telling reporters: "Voters need to know who I am." LINK

John Wagner of the Raleigh News & Observer reports on John Edwards' newly opened presidential campaign headquarters in South Carolina. He also touches on the South Carolina Democratic party's difficulty raising money to put on a primary. LINK

The Charlotte Observer writes on Edwards' visit to address struggling textile towns in the Carolinas. LINK

Rob Christensen writes in the Raleigh News & Observer that accounts have been leaking out of Edwards' meeting with Erskine Bowles to discuss the likeliness that Edwards will run for Senate re-election. LINK

It appears this letter-writer agrees with Ms. Palmieris' displeasure on Friday's Charlotte Observer article about donations to Edwards. LINK

Gephardt: Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle leads her coverage of Congressman Gephardt's San Francisco speech thusly: LINK

"In a scathing rebuke of White House foreign policy, Rep. Dick Gephardt in San Francisco accused President Bush Tuesday of machismo politics which, he said has threatened America's future security, alienated its allies and bungled the Post -war Iraqi reconstruction."

Gephardt's speech made the top of the New York Daily News' roundup. LINK

Chris Cillizza of Roll Call reports that Richard Gephardt, lagging behind in the money race, will now have fundraiser Jim Cunningham on his team as a finance consultant who "will work in tandem with deputy campaign manager Richard Sullivan."

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