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But forget the S-3B Viking.

Senator John Kerry (the guy who some lunch-bucket critics claim is more devoted to height of the surf than the plight of the serfs) used a recent visit to Anamosa, Iowa to hop on a Harley. LINK

But let us be amongst the first to Note that Kerry hasn't always ridden high on the Hog. In 2000, Washington Times scribe John McCaslin wrote about the Massachusetts Senator's penchant for another brand of bike: a Bemer.

"Democratic Sens. Max Baucus of Montana and John Kerry of Massachusetts both own motorcycles, the latter a BMW he refurbished himself. 'Senator Kerry has been into motorcycles for years — he got his first bike in high school,' confirms spokesman David Wade, who relays one important motorcycle lesson Mr. Kerry learned early in life." (9/8/2000)

That may answer the question on the minds of at least a couple of Iowa Democrats, who wonder why Kerry would choose to locate his Hawkeye State campaign headquarters in a building that once housed Dave Ostrem Imports — which specialized in selling The Ultimate Driving Machine, along with Mercedes, Volvos, Jaguars, and other luxury vehicles.

That's more Red State than Red Oak, right Mr. Norris?

Some have gone so far as to suggest that just like dogs resemble their owners, so does the history of Iowa campaign headquarters reflect their current tenants' campaign themes.

John Edwards' small-town populism may have had a hand in choosing former auto parts store Delta Automotive Inc. as the site of its Des Moines digs.

An Internet rock star named Howard chose the former location for The Computer Supply Store to house his band of Deanheads. We'll give you three guesses what they used to sell there.

Dennis Kucinich's office used to be a bank, offering a secure station for his hefty haul (relatively speaking) in the second-quarter money chase.

Dick Gephardt's operation was once Iowa Realty Co., perhaps an homage to the oft-cited milk-truck father who once sold real estate, as The Hill's Open Secrets pointed out. LINK

We still have Googling monkeys working on, as they say on Gilligan's Island, the rest.

And as they say in the real estate business (and in politics): location, location, location.

House of Labor: AFL … are you trying to tell us something?


Anything sound familiar to you folks in Burlington?

Speaking of … .we can tell you that the familiar-sounding Bob Edwards plans to host the AFL-CIO's candidate forum on August 5.

Politics: More from the Democratic-interest-groups-wielding-power front: The Teamsters will withhold cash and organizing support if congressional Democrats don't vote against free trade agreements with Chile and Singapore, AP reports. LINK

"'You are either with us or against us,' [Teamsters President James] Hoffa said Tuesday on Capitol Hill. 'You are either with the American worker or against the American worker. These agreements leave no room in the middle.'"

Borrowing a page from the NAACP playbook, Hoffa said, "'This is a wake up call for both Democrats and Republicans who say they are with labor. … 'Today I tell them, if you want to call yourself a friend of labor, you'd better start acting like a friend of labor.'"

The Clintons of Chappaqua: It simply doesn't matter how many times Senator Clinton states she is not running for president in 2004, Dick Morris refuses to believe her. LINK

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