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At his talk with broadcasters, according to Wagner, Edwards reiterated "opposition to a decision by the Federal Communications Commission that lets national networks own more local television stations."

"'You know better than some out-of-touch executive in New York or Angeles what's interesting and what's important for people in Charlotte or Raleigh,' Edwards told a gathering at Wrightsville Beach of the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters, according to remarks released by his Senate office."

New Hampshire:

Okay, we always defend New Hampshire whenever we hear anyone attack the people of the state as provincial. And we enjoy our time there more than you will ever know.

But the Union Leader story about the opening of the state's first Stop & Shop is going to be tough to push back on. LINK

"The store will be open 24 hours, except for seven hours on Monday mornings, and offer 75,000 square feet of space stocked with everything from linguini to light bulbs and Barbie dolls to baked goods."

"At least 200 people will staff the store, from the florist department to the pharmacy counter. The store will carry 80,000 different items … ."

"The store boasts a large selection of natural food items, from soy milk to veggie dogs … ."

"The supermarket sells a little food as well."

"Such as 32 flavors of coffee you grind yourself."

"Or the sushi bar."

"Or Carvel ice cream cakes, like one shaped as a baseball with red icing laces."

"Or meatloaf and roast turkey dinners ready for takeout."

On the other hand, New Hampshire sophistication is about to come to Washington — in a virtual way.

Tomorrow at 11 am ET, PoliticsNH Managing Editor James "Jimmy" Pindell hits the boards of a chat.

Check out the preview page . And you can begin to submit your questions and admiration in advance!! LINK

Politics: The Note has heard through the grapevine — or maybe just through the bushes at the zoo — that a certain Senate Majority Leader with an M.D. surreptitiously performed a cardiac work-up on a big primate friend.

Could it be that Bill Frist is helping out one large Democratic Senator and is trying to keep it under wraps? Not quite: his patient apparently was a giant silverback gorilla at the National Zoo!

The gorilla in question — named Kuja, Swahili for "come"-- weighs 320 lbs. and was born in Memphis, according to the website for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. LINK

The Note has heard that the gorilla was on a table, anesthetized and intubated, with certain "unmentionable" parts of his body covered up, just as if he were a homo sapiens.

Frist's office would not comment, although one should Note that the good doctor is known to be a big fan of the zoo and to visit often.

There just might be photos floating around of Frist performing the procedure, and we're on the lookout for them.

From the people who brought you … . it's LINK And in United States.

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