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"But it's darned important, said Norm Ornstein, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute think tank. When candidates get a reputation for lagging, donors stop giving them money, he said."

The St. Pete Times' Adair, Waite and Bennett write that "Graham was heavily dependent on Florida donors, who accounted for $1.2-million, or 62 percent of his individual contributions. The report also provides the first glimpse into how he is spending his campaign money. He spent $135,500 on polling, $187,487 on consultants and $43,329 on lawyers." LINK And Adair e-mailed us this morning to Note that Graham was able to reach $2 million only by taking $150,000 from his Senate account.


--Salary plus payroll: $950,000. Fraction of total disbursements: about a third. --At least 1,186 checks from attorneys, and about 300 donations each from retired donors, homemakers, and folks whose information has been requested. --At least 1,239 donations from Bay Staters for $953,305, and 997 donations from Golden Staters for $1,007,460. --Travel expenses were listed as $132,062. --The campaign spent $17,907 on media expenses, with all but a few hundred dollars going to GMMB. The Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson buys into the cash on the hand theme, Noting that Kerry leads the field. LINK


--Notable Kucinich donors: broadcasters Casey Kasem and Jerry Springer. --The Note found about a dozen disbursements to the Congressman himself for the Taverna Greek restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue here in D.C … ..must be good. --There were many, many, many donations from academics, writers, and artists.


No offense to the good work Mark Penn does, but is there a reason that the candidate of conscience and core values needs to do so much polling at this point in the race?

--At least 5,014 individual donors. --The biggest money state was California, where Lieberman grossed just under $1 million. Only $235,000 or so from Florida, according to --Here we go: salaries + payroll taxes exceeds $1.4 million --Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates got $120,000 or so this quarter --Jennifer Yoacham: $20,000+; Shari Yost: $32,900+ --Matthew Lieberman: $15,000+ --Rebecca Lieberman: $9,000+ --The campaign paid $113,000 to fundraising consultants.


--The campaign raised $145,000 during the quarter and spent $85,000 of it on salaries. --Cell phone expenses totaled nearly $3,500. (Shop around; there have to be better plans out there.)

--Music and entertainment magnate Quincy Jones donated $2,000.

--The campaign spent $10,847 on web page services. It's unclear how many donations came through the Internet.


--Remember that trip to Shreveport, Louisiana last month? The chartered plane cost $11,000. --The campaign paid $20,000 to create its website --Barbra Streisand donated $1,000 --Howard Wolfson of the Glover Park Group gave $25.

ABC 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect, the money:

Ah, that poetic photograph of a Texas Rangers player below the fold in the Times … . LINK Kudos to Ken Mehlman and his tight team for keeping costs down; it's amazing that some of these Democrat campaigns haven't figured out how important that is.

We aren't sure which is more embarrassing: campaigns who SAY they are now going to focus on keeping costs down and aggressively raising money (but are just saying it as spin), or campaigns who say it and really mean it.

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