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Chris Cillizza of Roll Call writes that 31 members of Congress will be hosting a fundraiser tonight for Gephardt and will raise $250,000 for his campaign. This article also provides a quick rundown of where the other candidates stand in fundraising efforts.

Gephardt officially picks up the endorsement of New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Peter Burling today.


In our hard-copy edition of the New York Times , there seems to be a photo snafu involving a picture of the governor of Iowa.

To be clear: this is Rosa: LINK, and this is Vilsack: LINK


After attending a midtown fundraiser yesterday, Carol Moseley Braun traveled to the Upper East Side's "Session 73" to talk to DL21C, a group dedicated to mobilizing young Democrats.

Ms. Moseley Braun was introduced by her friend Gloria Steinem who performed her duties a la David Letterman with a top 10 list enumerating the reasons why the former ambassador should become president.

Number 10 was her drive to take down the "white male only" sign on the White House and reason number 7 was because "unlike George Bush, she knows there is a world outside of the United States."

In an exclusive interview after the event, ABC News asked Gloria Steinem if her introduction was to be considered a formal endorsement.

Steinem: "It's much too early for an endorsement. But you should know that I have only publicly campaigned for Governor Dean and for Carol."

Ms. Steinem and Moseley Braun shared stories of their campaigning through the Chicago snow together in 1992 when apparently Ms. Steinem was wearing open toed sandals.

Ambassador Braun then got completely Dowdian with the crowd of about 100 when she repeated the word "Dubya" four times consecutively before mentioning "Rummy" when criticizing the administration's foreign policies.

Note to the staff at Joe Scarborough's MSNBC, uh, "show."

(a) it's "Ambassador," not "Senator" (just ask her).


(b) Moseley Braun has no hyphen.

Bush-Cheney re-elect, the money:

The Boston Globe 's Names column offers a look at the local luminaries who attended the Dick "Mr. Charisma" Cheney fundraiser at Richard Egan's home. LINK

Bush-Cheney re-elect:

And just in case it wasn't Shermanesque enough already, The New Republic's Michael Crowley "recently caught up with McCain adviser John Weaver, who, in contrast to tantalizing hints coming from McCain's camp a year or two ago, left little doubt about his boss's plans. 'He's not running,' Weaver flatly stated. 'I don't think there's any way. He's just not going to.'" LINK

Big Casino budget politics, taxes:

Dr/Sen/Leader Frist and Leader DeLay say a matter of simple "logistics" is going to keep the Congress from getting to the child tax credit conference soon, giving rise to two questions:

1. Will the Democrats be able to get the PR machine on this cranked back up?

2. Will The New York Times ' David Firestone get a book out of this story? LINK

Big Casino budget politics, Medicare:

The Washington Post and New York Times round-up of the day's Medicare events, with a focus on the killing of most of the Senate amendments, and presidential and leadership efforts to keep conservatives on board. LINK and LINK David Rogers' excellent Wall Street Journal overview of the same stuff includes this:

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