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In Sunday's Washington Post , crafty vet Walter Pincus suggested that there were pre-war doubts inside the intelligence community about the Iraq-Al Qaeda links. LINK

George Will's weekend column said that the administration will indeed have a serious credibility problem if WsMD are not found, and the pre-emption doctrine will be at risk. LINK

Judicial confirmation battles:

Sunday, the Washington Post 's Charles Lane had a full pot of tea leaves regarding any possible Rehnquist and/or O'Connor retirements, leaning with the CW against any departures. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Savage does his version of the "many social conservative elites fear Gonzales is soft" story. LINK

The Washington Times ' Charles Hurt reports that California Democratic Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein "strenuously oppose the nomination of California Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl (to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals), suggesting she may become the third Bush nominee filibustered in the Senate." LINK

The New York Times ed board comes out against William Pryor's nomination. LINK

The Economy:

Reuters' Glenn Somerville reports, "The U.S. Federal Reserve, seeking to rev up a slow recovery while keeping price deflation at bay, is universally expected to cut interest rates to 1958 lows this week." LINK


Big Los Angeles Times series on political nepotism. Put a family member on the payroll; loop around ethics guidelines, in the view of some. LINK and LINK

The Washington Post 's Tom Edsall has a methodical round-up of "whither Westar? that will warm DNC hearts. LINK

How much worry about this one is there in GOP cloakrooms? The Note doesn't know.

As the Rapid City Press examines Senator Daschle's voting record for clues LINK, we have to ask: just what IS going on with those "strategic" disagreements between the offices of Senator Daschle and Senator Clinton?

The New York Post 's Ed Robinson picks up on the Time story that has Rudy Giuliani affirming his political future, but vaguely. LINK

So does the New York Daily News' Greg Gittrich. LINK

Bush Administration strategy/personality:

N. Gregory Mankiw, the president's new CEA chief, got full New York Times Sunday business section treatment. LINK

White House press corps regulars will like the part where Claire Buchan tells Mankiw what to say.

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