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Dan Smith also points out that if Governor Davis resigns his office after the recall petitions have been certified, the recall question would still go before the voters and Lt. Gov. Bustamante would only be able to retain his office if a majority of voters voted against the recall. LINK

Bob Novak claims the movement to get Davis to resign lives. LINK

William Safire spends much of his column comparing the political plights of Gray Davis and Hugo Chavez, but ultimately suggests different fates for the two.LINK

"But Californians should suffer Gray Davis for three more years, voting like grown-ups not as penance for their mistake last year, but to uphold the principle that election results are final for a fixed term and officeholders should not be removed merely when ratings fall."

There is now an official recall theme song, according to Dan Smith's buzz column in the Sacramento Bee. LINK

"The notoriety of the recall effort against Davis has, inevitably, been captured in song."

"Inspired by a petition-signing pitch on the San Diego radio show hosted by Roger Hedgecock (himself an infamous former politician), humorist Glenn Erath penned and performed 'Bye Bye to That Gray Davis Guy,' sung to the tune of Don McLean's 1971 hit 'American Pie.'"

The journalistic triumvirate of Josh Kurtz, David Perera and Sarah Bouchard write for Roll Call that as Congressman Darrell Issa has attempted to work his way to the California governor's seat by pushing the efforts to recall current governor Gray Davis, Issa's "19 Republican House colleagues from the Golden State have been strangely silent … ." LINK

According to the report, several key Republicans either expressed only lukewarm support for the recall efforts, or opposed them altogether.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci filed a Sunday preview of what a full blown Issa candidacy may look like. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Jim VandeHei had a must-read Saturday piece that was kind of the ultimate "The Clintons of Chappaqua" work. LINK

Setting the scene by overviewing all the ways that the couple dominate Democratic politics to this day, Diamond Jim had this bit of exclusivity:

"Still, some Democrats want the Clintons to go away. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently did focus groups around the country with Democratic-leaning voters and found widespread resentment of both Clintons, according to a Democratic aide familiar with surveys conducted in several cities."

"Many focus group participants called the former president 'immoral, smooth, crooked' and dishonest, the aide said, while Hillary Clinton was seen as an 'opportunist.' 'It gives us a brand we just don't need,' the aide said."

The piece had a lovely use of the word "privately" (regarding how Bill Richardson recently talked about maybe running for POTUS in '08); floated the FPOTUS as a Gotham mayoral candidate in three years; and elevates Mike Lux to Ickesian and Podestian status.

The New York Post 's Page Six picks up on the Washington Post report that Tucker Carlson is a bit ill over the notion of his likely shoe-and-tie meal. LINK

The New York Post s Vincent Morris writes that Democrats may enjoy the attention HRC's book brings to the party, but that Republican see some upside too (just ask Senator George Allen). LINK

National security politics:

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