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"Campaign finance experts say the law is clear on the relationship between corporate soft money and elections. The ban is complete, they said, to avoid situations in which corporate contributors try to curry favor with federal lawmakers by donating to causes that directly or indirectly support the politician at a state level."

'The bottom line is Congressman Issa is not supposed to be dealing in soft money in connection with an election, and therefore this appears to raise serious questions about whether he is complying,' said Fred Wertheimer, president of the nonprofit watchdog group Democracy 21."

"Another expert, attorney Adam Morse with the Brennan Center for Justice in New York, said that if Issa was controlling the Rescue Campaign committee, even indirectly, as Davis supporters contend, the committee would be bound by McCain-Feingold contribution limits."

The Democratic leader of the House and Californian, Nancy Pelosi, is speaking out against the effort to recall Governor Gray Davis according to Roll Call 's Nicole Duran.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the effort underway to recall her fellow Californian, Gov. Gray Davis (D), is being pushed by partisan Republicans. But she was unclear about what Democrats should do if Davis' opponents succeed in getting the recall measure on the statewide ballot."

"'Right now, I think Democrats should fight the recall, because it is about injecting instability into a state,' Pelosi said. 'If a Republican governor were there, I would give you the exact same answer. I think the Democrats must stick together,' she added."

"As to what Democrats should do if the recall makes the ballot, Pelosi said only: 'We would cross that bridge when we come to it.'"

"But she reiterated her support for Davis."

"'Let me be very clear in my support for Governor Davis and in opposition to this recall and with a complete encouragement of people keeping their names off the ballot.'"

"Earlier this week, two top statewide Democratic officeholders, Attorney General Bill Lockyer and State Treasurer Phil Angelides, said they would not run for governor if the petition effort forces a new election. Both are potential 2006 gubernatorial primary opponents."

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

In her apparent efforts to reference "Living History" each and every day, the New York Post 's Liz Smith quotes from a New York Magazine review and a reader's email. LINK The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy mention "SATC" and Bill Clinton in the same item, citing the recent photo of Kim Cattrall chatting with the former president. LINK The Washington Post 's Lloyd Grove anticipates New York Magazine's report that the unusually trim Clintons are on the South Beach Diet. LINK

Lloyd got a comment from wag Jim Kennedy: "'I only comment on weighty matters.'"

The economy:

Paul Krugman thinks the bull market is a bubble market. LINK

Politics: The AP's Pete Yost reports: "A utility embroiled in a campaign fund-raising controversy made a $25,000 donation to an organization affiliated with Rep. Tom DeLay just before attending a two-day get-together at a Virginia resort with the House GOP leader." LINK

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