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The campaign will announce today it's opening regional field offices in Nashua, Concord, and Keene.

Just asking … .

If next Monday is "Howard's day" and not "Judith Steinberg Dean's day," why the heck is Senator Leahy speaking, too?

Is it "Leahy's day?"

The Vermont Press Bureau's Tracy Schmaler reports that Howard Dean's "Vermont political allies joined forces Thursday to support the Democrat's bid for the presidency." LINK

Just because we can, here's another closed-press Dean fundraiser we learned about:

The man of the people will be feted at " The Historic Home of Erika Glazer" in Beverly Hills, CA on June 27. $1,000 gets a sponsor designation. Women for Dean are holding the event.

The State's Lee Bandy reports while Dean barely registers in South Carolina polls, he is gaining ground in the state.

"He is quietly making political inroads in South Carolina, obtaining valuable endorsements and signing up a cadre of volunteers who are enthused about being involved in Dean's insurgent campaign." LINK

"The former Vermont governor has spent more time in this state than any of his eight rivals for the Democratic nomination."

Bandy also takes Note of how Dean as a Jimmy Carteresque appeal.

"To be successful, a candidate must have persistence and persuasiveness. Dean has both. His campaign is reminiscent of the one run by another former governor, Jimmy Carter of Georgia. Carter's plain-talk approach helped win him the nomination and the presidency in 1976."

Ben and Jerry's will christen the Dean announcement Monday with a special sundae: Maple Powered Howard LINK


The AP has Senator John Kerry blasting President Bush on the economy and getting criticized by the RNC for his recent comments regarding WsMD's. The AP also Notes that Senator Kerry is emphasizing his payroll tax cut anew in the wake of Senator John Edwards' recent call for a package of middle-class tax cuts. LINK

"The economy will not recover if the estate tax is repealed and President George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans go forward, Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry said Thursday."

"'We have to have the courage to say no,' Kerry said at a Concord Chamber of Commerce lunch. 'It's a choice. This is a zero-sum game, and we deserve leaders who are going to have the courage to stand up and present real choices to Americans, not these fudgy ones that take us down a very wobbly road to a very dangerous place.'"

"Kerry's recent suggestion that Bush had been less than honest about Iraq drew criticism Thursday from Republicans."

"'He misled every one of us,' Kerry said Wednesday in arguing that Bush waged the war in Iraq based on questionable intelligence. "

"Ed Gillespie, the incoming chairman of the Republican National Committee, joined New Hampshire Republican Party Chairwoman Jayne Millerick in accusing Kerry of contradicting himself on Iraq to stay competitive with anti-war candidate Howard Dean."

"'There's no evidence the president misled the American people,' Gillespie said. 'Their rhetoric just heats up as they try to appeal to the liberal core.'"

As for the RNC and the NHRP and their attempts to tie down the Bay State's junior senator, battle veteran (and Kerry spokesman) Robert "Bobby" Gibbs told ABC News:

"John Kerry is running for President. If the White House or the re-election campaign of the actively fundraising President has a comment or a press release on this subject, we would be glad to take a look at it."

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