The Note: The Owl Flies West (?)

Sen. Frist tells the Washington Times that he will put a border security bill on the Senate floor first and later turn to a guest-worker plan LINK, as the Houston Chronicle reports that Congress is organizing itself to begin discussion over immigration law this winter. LINK

The New York Times' Cooper Notes the diminished third quarter fundraising totals for Gov. George Pataki's (R-NY) 21st Century Freedom PAC. LINK

According to the Boston Globe, families of soldiers rallied against Gov. Romney's decision to support the President and keep National Guardsman in Iraq. Gov. Romney met with families yesterday who were upset with his backing of the war and are now starting a petition hoping to gain enough signatures to "prevent further deployment." LINK

The Sioux City Journal's Todd Dorman writes up the "Americans for Rice" TV ads that will air in Iowa during "Commander in Chief," "Good Morning America," and "The View," in hopes of stirring up a presidential run by the Secretary of State. LINK

2008: Democrats:

The AP's Liz Sidoti ponders the possible complications a "yes" vote on the Iraq war in 2002 may cause Democratic presidential hopefuls in 2007 and 2008. LINK

With his law school alma mater serving as a springboard, John Edwards plunged into his "Opportunity Rocks" campus tour yesterday at UNC, so reports The Daily Tar Heel. The former Senator's anti-poverty design plans include raising the minimum wage as well as implementing a scholarship program for low-income North Carolina college students. LINK

The Family Wire gives the SoaMW some play too. LINK


A state legislative committee is resurrecting discussion on whether to restore the death penalty in Iowa, reports the Sioux City Journal. LINK

New Hampshire:

The AP reports that pro-choice religious organizations are spreading their own message with a "friend of the court" brief asserting that New Hampshire's parental notification law is unconstitutional. LINK


Jim Rutenberg delivers a long New York Times spot-on look at Michael Bloomberg's approach to the mayoralty on the Gray Lady's front page. There's not much revealed here that you haven't seen before (save Ed Skyler's apparent opposition to the smoking ban), but Rutenberg does take you inside the bullpen and Bloomberg's results-oriented governing philosophy in compelling fashion. (Make sure to read all the way down to the Mary Brosnahan Sullivan vignette for some intriguing onion peeling.) LINK

The New York Times' Lueck writes up Bloomberg's latest Democratic endorsement, Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, and the "polite but less than enthusiastic applause" Fernando Ferrer received at a joint appearance with Sen. Clinton and Eliot Spitzer. LINK

Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions got more play than Fernando Ferrer's mayoral hopes at an event for Ferrer yesterday, according to the New York Post.

"After giving an anti-Bush speech that focused on national themes, Clinton got around to talking up Ferrer's candidacy as representing 'Democratic values' -- but pointedly did not criticize Republican incumbent Mayor Bloomberg." LINK

A spoof personal ad from the "Mayor of New York City" made it into the New York Times on Sunday. LINK

The New York Post's editorial board gives Ferrer a little love (but not much) for hitting Bloomberg on taxes. LINK

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