The Note: Chapter II, Part I



If you were the wagering type, you would bet that by the time the sun sets tonight over the Potomac River:

Scooter Libby will have been indicted; Karl Rove's future will seem at once more secure and less so; the world will finally know what Patrick Fitzgerald's voice sounds like; a new or extended grand jury of an indeterminate life span will be a very big Gang of 500 preoccupation; discussions of the pros, cons, and possibilities of a plea deal will have filled hours and hours of cable news time and many blog column inches; a fresh batch of pieces about the nature of second-term slides will be sketched out and assigned; Trent Lott's prediction about how long it will have taken people to forget Harriet Miers will turn out to have been understated; and at least one office in Northwest Washington will have been cleaned out.

Stuff not clear enough at this writing to bet on: will there be other X Factor indictments announced today; how politically combustible will the narrative of any indictments be; when will the next POTUS/VPOTUS joint appearance be, and what tone will the White House strike regarding Rove?

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald will hold a 2:00 pm ET press conference at the Department of Justice to discuss the status of his ongoing criminal investigation. An "information release" will take place at noon ET also at the Department of Justice.

ABC News' Karen Travers reports that President has departed the White House for his event in Virginia. Before leaving, he was seen in the Oval Office talking with Vice President Cheney, Andy Card, Karl Rove, and Dan Bartlett.

More from Travers: "The President was definitely in a good mood -- he came out and did a quick head fake (basketball player like move -- very Allen Iverson head fake especially for someone with a bum knee) as if he would come talk to us and then went the other way and started smiling and sort of laughing. He then pretended not to hear us shouting (Reagan ear cup thing)."

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports "Rove has been told that although he is not to be indicted today, the investigation continues. He is not out of the woods yet."

Rove left his home at 7:45 am ET. When Rove left his house and got in his car, a reporter yelled: "Are you in good spirits. Are you in a good mood?"

Rove replied: "A very good mood today. I'm going to have a very good day."

And then he smiled and waved.

Then a reporter yelled: "Have you heard from Fitzgerald? Will you be indicted?"

Rove said nothing.

Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald arrived at his temporary office in Washington, DC at 8:30 am ET and made no comment to the reporters gathered there. He then left at about 8:50 am ET by car, making no comment, again. At just before 9 am ET, Fitzgerald ran the media scrum at the courthouse and entered -- without comment.

ABC News' Jason Ryan reports that Fitzgerald then went into the grand jury room, to meet with Grand Jury 03-3. The grand jury, which was empanelled on October 31, 2003 has already been extended once, so it is unclear according to the rules of federal criminal procedure, if it can be extended again.

President Bush makes 10:00 am ET remarks on the War on Terror in Norfolk, VA. Mr. Bush returns to the White House and addresses the President's Commission on White House Fellowships in the East Room at 2:40 pm ET. The President and first lady depart the White House at 3:50 pm ET for Camp David.

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