The Note: Membership Has Its Privileges, Part III

In a story looking at the ways in which both parties are seeking 2005 signals about 2006, the Wall Street Journal's Deborah Solomon suggests that one factor that might be helping Democrat Tim Kaine in his race against Republican Jerry Kilgore might be President Bush's political travails. LINK

Though it tried, the New York Times says it was unable to find a single Democrat who would predict a Fernando Ferrer victory – and most said the campaign was "all but lost." LINK

Rudy Giuliani holds the record for the largest mayoral victory in New York City history – 17 points – but some Giuliani "insiders are fretting" that a Bloomberg victory next week could break that record, Stefan Friedman claims in the New York Post. LINK

Ferrer accused a park cleaning crew yesterday of being part of a dirty trick by the Bloomberg campaign, reports the New York Post. LINK

The average New Yorker is turned off by Mayor Bloomberg's lavish spending on his reelection campaign but isn't thrilled with the alternative, Fernando Ferrer, claims the New York Daily News. LINK

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Sen. Jon Corzine has reopened a wide lead of 12 points over his opponent, Douglass Forrester. LINK

As for those provocative quotes from Jon Corzine's ex-wife, "The Forrester campaign was working to produce a new television ad featuring Joanne Corzine's quotes, according to two of his advisers who spoke on condition of anonymity," reports the Newark Star Ledger. LINK

The New York Times profiles Forrester, who it finds is often called a modern day Jimmy Carter. LINK

Erin P. Billings reports in Roll Call that Rep. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) is heading into the final phase of his quiet campaign to be appointed senator if current Garden State Sen. Jon Corzine is elected governor.

The Wall Street Journal's Preciphs and Maher report that supporters of smaller government lost the first round of this year's ballot-initiative battle in Colorado and Note that they are trailing in the second which is scheduled for next week in California.

The Schwarzenegger Era:

It seems that Gov. Schwarzenegger's special election efforts may end up hurting him. 51 percent of Californians think the election is purely partisan politics, and his support for reelection is down to 36 percent, reports John Wildermuth of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

In California, supporters and opponents both of Prop. 73, concerning parental notification, are turning to churches in the days leading up to the election. While polls show the measure being defeated, supporters of the proposal hope to get Catholics and evangelicals out on election day reports Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

Michael Finnegan writes up a Los Angeles Times poll that shows California voters narrowly favoring a proposition that would require parental notification for minors seeking abortions. LINK


Janet Hook and Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times, in must-read fashion, examine the Democrats' renewed criticism of the war and what it means for 2006: LINK

"The debate next fall could look very different from the arguments today. In both parties, many believe the administration could reshape the political landscape by beginning to withdraw troops. And many Republicans believe that increased Democratic criticism of Bush's policies will drive more Americans to rally behind the president."

"Democrats remain deeply divided on what alternative to offer -- and whether they should offer one at all."

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