The Note: Witness for the Witness

Josh Earnest, the DNC's nimble spokesman, reacted to the Vice President's comments, thusly: "Personal, political attacks in the right-wing media don't help our men and women in uniform get the body armor they requested that could have prevented 80 percent of the Marine fatalities in Iraq. Vice President Cheney should give some 'thoughtful consideration' to that."

Per the New York Times, the Army said yesterday it will ship additional body armor to troops in Iraq, after taking criticism for not making the move earlier. LINK

Per the Washington Post's Josh White, "Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, a central figure in the U.S. detainee-abuse scandal, this week invoked his right not to incriminate himself in court-martial proceedings against two soldiers accused of using dogs to intimidate captives at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, according to lawyers involved in the case." LINK

Politics of spying:

During his speech in Louisville yesterday, the President received repeated applause during his lines about authorizing domestic wiretaps, reports the New York Times. LINK

The Washington Post's Michael Fletcher on Bush's defense of the wiretapping program. LINK

Politics of immigration:

USA Today reports that the federal government is tripling the number of officers assigned to round up illegal immigrants. LINK


Pat Healy of the New York Times reads all the tea leaves and points toward Tom Golisano getting into the New York Republican primary for governor by the end of the month. LINK

The New York Post's Fred Dicker reports Republican leaders in New York are considering endorsing Democrat Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi in the race for governor -- if he'll switch parties, which he has no intention of doing. LINK

The Spitzer v. Suozzi primary and the (rhetorical) Weld v. D'Amato primary will provide enough copy to keep all those New York political reporters who bemoaned a boring 2005 mayor's race quite happy for some time.

The Boston Globe on the post-Romney Massachusetts GOP this election year. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Governor's top aide Susan Kennedy will woo top donors to his reelection campaign, thus breaking an unwritten rule of the Davis administration that kept staffers from attending fundraisers. LINK

Schwarzenegger is facing some resistance from California Republicans on his $222-billion public works proposal, according to the Los Angeles Times. LINK

But the Governor's move to the center is playing well, writes columnist George Skelton. The Los Angeles Times' scribe crunches the numbers on a new poll that has Schwarzenegger up substantially with moderates and independents, if down slightly with conservatives. LINK

As the debate continues over the proper limits of executive power, consider this: despite the discovery that he was driving his Harley without a motorcycle license, the LAPD will not ticket Gov. Schwarzenegger for his bike crash earlier this week. LINK

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