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Bloomberg's Jonathan Salant on the 15 lawmakers, congressional aides, and Bush Administration officials who went to work for the health-care industry "within a year" after they pushed through the "costliest Medicare overhaul in history." LINK

Alice Dembner from the Boston Globe warns that senior citizens who made modest purchases or donations may be ineligible for Medicaid under rules Congress is expected to approve as early as Wednesday. LINK


Based on the Des Moines Register's latest polling, Tom Beaumont declares the Iowa gubernatorial candidates a "cast of relative unknowns." LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Washington Post's Jackson Diehl contrasts the Bush Administration's "ambiguity" on Iran with Sen. McCain's "decisive judgment." LINK

Amanda Carpenter of Human Events writes that Sen. McCain's campaign finance law purposely left some loopholes for Indian tribe contributions due to their special sovereign status. LINK

The AP on Gov. Huckabee's (R-AR) trip to Iraq and Pakistan. LINK and LINK

The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers writes that the past 12 months have been "difficult politically" for Sen. Frist. But Rogers predicts that his emphasis on global health care will be a "highlight of his legacy" when he leaves the Senate at the end of the year.

Mary Matalin and Don Imus sparred over George Allen's intellectual heft earlier today.

2008: Democrats:

The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein's must-read on Sen. Clinton's appearance with the less than pointed Jane Pauley in San Francisco over the weekend includes a mention of her nine-minute-long response to a question about her 2002 Iraq war vote. LINK

Gerstein also has a story on Kerry-pal Jim Rassmann's protesting of Clinton's visit to Oregon. LINK

"Aiming to increase her visibility in the Democratic powerhouse fund-raising state of California, [Hillary] Clinton chose an unusual format for her high-profile appearance: a 90-minute 'in conversation' event with journalist Jane Pauley on stage before a largely supportive crowd," reports San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci in her article titled "The Hillary Show." LINK

Geoff Earle of the New York Post writes about Hillary Clinton's position on the war. LINK

Dean's Democrats:

Democratic leaders are voicing their disappointment with Howard Dean after seeing that the DNC has only $5.5 million in its coffers in comparison with the RNC's $34 million, report Billings and Whittington of Roll Call.

"'People are bringing him to Jesus,' said a Democratic source familiar with DNC operations. 'It's being expressed to him. He knows it.'"


Per the Los Angeles Times, the California Teachers Association endorsed state Treasurer Phil Angelides on Saturday in the Democratic primary for governor, offering "a big boost" to his campaign against state Controller Steve Westly. LINK

Time Magazine's Sean Scully on the televised "racial gaffe" by Lynn Swann's GOP primary opponent that may mark a "turning point" in the race for the GOP's gubernatorial nomination. LINK

Attorney General Jim Petro will announce state Sen. Joy Padgett as his Republican running mate for governor today, the Columbus Dispatch reports. LINK


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