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The AP writes that during his visit to New Hampshire over the weekend, John Kerry did not mention DNC panel's proposal to allow other states to hold caucuses before the primary. LINK

Sen. Kerry made stops at three Democratic events in New Hampshire, repeating the new Democratic buzzword to describe the White House: incompetent. LINK

While appearing with Jack Kemp on CNN's "Late Edition," John Edwards stuck to his new, post-2004 line on Iraq: "I'm not saying we pull everybody out immediately, but we have to have a serious and substantial reduction so that this transition is occurring. They've got to do this for themselves, ultimately."

Chris Cilizza interviews Edwards about his present day work on poverty and his political past. Asked to reflect on his 2004 presidential bid, Edwards said simply: ' I'm not in the business of going back there. It's a perfectly fair question but I've now learned it's better to look forward than look back and I am going to stick with that.'" LINK

While appearing on "Meet the Press," Sen. Biden said that he thinks the Democratic nominee likely will be determined by New Hampshire or by South Carolina, leaving him plenty of time to make a decision about whether to seek re-election to the Senate in Delaware.

More from the Washington Times: LINK

In Florida on Sunday Al Gore fired up a gathering of about 400 supporters arguing that "that the administration of President Bush poses an unprecedented test for U.S. democracy," writes John Coté of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. LINK

Per Coté, "Gore cited a litany of issues, including the Bush administration's assertions of executive power, its fumbled response to Hurricane Katrina and its backing of a secret, domestic surveillance program, warrantless searches and interrogation methods used in Iraq and the war on terror."

Discussing Gore's fundraising visit to Florida, The AP's Brian Skoloff has Columbia University's David Epstein saying that "this is going to be a high drama political season all around. It's a chance for Democrats to settle a few scores, one of which would be for Gore to help someone win in Florida, especially to help beat Katherine Harris." LINK

Former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) said once again over the weekend that he is considering a run for the White House in 2008.

Daschle said President Bush and GOPers have overemphasized the importance of the war on terror, and he said the US is no safer now than it was before the Iraq invasion, the AP's Joe Kafka reports. LINK

Mara Lee of the Courier-Press catches Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IA) in a tight spot where he wants to both eliminate excessive earmarks and bring home projects he believes, "represent value to taxpaying Hoosiers." LINK

Sen. Bayh will share his electoral wisdom with Democrats in Georgia tonight, having gone 5-0 in Red State contests, reports Scott Shepard of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. LINK

"All it takes is holding the Democratic base and reaching out to independent voters and to what he describes as 'reasonable Republicans' who recognize that 'we're all in this together, and we need to make progress.'"

GOP agenda:

Bob Novak dedicates his must-read-if-true Monday column to what he sees as evidence that Republicans are not jumping on the spending restraint train despite the rhetoric. LINK

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