The Note: Touching a Nerve

With the Illinois primary fast approaching, the Chicago Tribune's John Biemer reports on Tammy Duckworth's push for health care reform. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's editorial board describes the GOP 2006 platform discussed at the SRLC of running against "wasteful spending" as "glaringly hypocritical." LINK


The Washington Times' Tony Blankley claims both Sen. Feingold ("this season's Eugene McCarthy -- without the wit or poetry") and Sen. McCain ("a party gadfly who has gone out of his way to be rude to conservative southern Christian leaders over the years") have begun playing "the George W. Bush card" in preparation for the 2008 presidential race. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The AP's Glen Johnson reports that Gov. Romney's second-place finish in the straw pole over the weekend could be in part to the 200 supporters bused into the event on corporate backer finances. LINK

(Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey's (R-MA) husband's company being one of those donors).

Johnson seems to not be amused by the previous denials of effort the Family Wire had been given.

A Washington Times editorial enthusiastically reviews Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's record. LINK

Concludes the editorial, "The consensus among those present in Memphis was that Mr. Romney's speech was very well received. This suggests that his second-place finish in the straw poll was no fluke. We look forward to hearing more from him."

The Boston Globe reports that Gov. Romney's latest efforts to tweak the health care proposal working its way through the legislature to make it more Grover-friendly was shot down by Beacon Hill Democrats yesterday.LINK

More from the Boston Herald:LINK

In an article entitled "Lessons for McCain," Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic lectures Sen. McCain on economical issues, stating that "John McCain is indicating that, when it comes to economic issues, he may be a work in progress." LINK

The Washington Post's Al Kamen asks if there might be an "ethical or legal concern" about Senate Secretary Emily Reynolds' appearance in Memphis last weekend helping out her former boss, Sen. Frist. LINK

Josh Poltilove of the Tampa Tribune has former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who addressed the Florida state House yesterday, argue that "the national health care system requires drastic reform." LINK

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) called on the city of Houston to overturn its long-standing sanctuary policy in light of Tuesday's shooting deaths at an illegal alien "drop house."

2008: Democrats:

Which comes first: the beat assignment or the increased national media attention? Such chicken-and-egg conundrums may be fodder for many a boozy D.C. dinner party, but the New York Times declined to engage with the New York Observer on the philosophical implications of naming star Anne Kornblut to cover Senator Clinton's 2006 race from the paper's Washington bureau. LINK

The New York Observer on the dangers of subjecting your (ruggedly presidential, or so you thought) face to the vagaries of those artsy types at the New York Times Magazine. LINK

Maureen Dowd pushes an Obama 2008 candidacy in her column today urging Democrats to consider personality over experience -- like the Republicans have done, she claims.

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